Arjan area of Dubai

Arjan area of Dubai
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Aug . 17 . 2023

Arjan Dubai is one of the developing areas in Dubai, situated on the outskirts of the city. The Arjan project was initiated in the Dubai Land area in 2006. In this appealing neighborhood, alongside residential complexes, there are numerous ongoing projects including commercial buildings, retail centers, and more.

It's interesting to note that two of the most visited gardens in Dubai, namely Dubai Miracle Garden and Dubai Butterfly Garden, are located in this area. If you're eager to learn more about this location, stay with us until the end of this article. In this piece, we intend to introduce you to Arjan Dubai.

Where is Arjan Dubai Located?

As mentioned, Arjan is situated on the outskirts of Dubai city and is only 15 kilometers away from the beautiful shores of the Persian Gulf. This neighborhood is bordered by Al Barsha to the north and Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Street to the south.

Up until now, 47 buildings have been completed in the Arjan area, and an additional 37 buildings are still under construction. Since Arjan is still in the process of development, the population residing in this area is relatively low. Therefore, Arjan is considered a peaceful and ideal environment for families.

The Arjan area is located in Dubai.

Most Famous Buildings Located in Arjan Dubai

The majority of the buildings constructed in this area have residential purposes. Therefore, it's easy to plan for buying an apartment or a house in this neighborhood. In addition to residential complexes, there are also numerous commercial complexes present in this area. Some of the residential areas in Arjan include Linkln Park, Green Diamond, Windsor Palazio, Saraj Tower, and Platinum One. In the following, we'll talk about some of these in more detail.

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Lincoln Park in Arjan, Dubai

Lincoln Park is a popular residential complex with Chicago-style architecture in Arjan. This complex features low-rise buildings with 1-3 bedroom units constructed by Damac. The apartments in this community offer affordable prices.

Green Diamond in Arjan, Dubai

Another popular residential complex in the beautiful area of Dubai is Green Diamond. Green Diamond features a twin tower complex with 194 units of 2 and 3-bedroom apartments. Each tower in this complex has 8 floors.

Platinum One Arjan, Emirates

Platinum One is one of the popular buildings in the Arjan Emirates neighborhood, inspired by New York architecture. This area features 287 apartments with amenities such as a pool, sauna, jacuzzi, and fitness centers. This complex is considered one of the luxurious collections in Arjan. The comprehensive article on Dubai Home Photos provides you with complete information about various types of homes in this beautiful city.

A building located in the Arjan neighborhood of Dubai.

Features of Arjan Dubai Area

One of the features of the Arjan area is having parking spaces for cars. Arjan is a residential neighborhood, and each resident has a parking space for their car. If residents have more than one car, they can park it on the street.

The neighborhood has three supermarkets and a medical clinic. In the vicinity of this area, there are temples, schools, universities, shopping centers, and restaurants with a short distance.

Buying a House in Arjan Dubai

Arjan is one of the extensive projects developed in Dubai Land, built with a multi-billion-dollar budget. Most of the buildings constructed in this area are intended for residential use. Some parts of this project are still under development. It is predicted that upon completion, this project will become one of the most well-known areas developed in Dubai. As a result, buying property in Arjan Dubai has become popular among Iranians and other foreign individuals.

Summary about Arjan Dubai

Arjan is a residential area that is expected to become a popular and renowned location in Dubai after the completion of its projects. In addition to apartments, the presence of commercial buildings, recreational facilities, and tourist attractions in this area has contributed to its popularity.

Arjan Dubai offers a calm and peaceful environment. As a result, residents can spend their leisure time in parks and visit the famous gardens (Dubai Miracle Garden and Dubai Butterfly Garden) located within the vicinity.

Arjan is one of the famous areas under construction in Dubai. When the construction is completed, this peaceful and quiet neighborhood will become one of the most popular areas to live in Dubai.

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