Dubai home photo, Image and pictures

Dubai home photo, Image and pictures
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Aug . 05 . 2023

When it comes to unique and luxurious homes, Dubai homes take the spotlight! From Palm Jumeirah villas to Marina Dubai residences, they are all remarkable modern architectural structures that enchant the eye of every observer. If you're curious to learn more about these homes, join us in this New Way article discussing "Pictures of Dubai Homes," so that we can acquaint you, dear readers, with the world of Arabian house models.

A view of Downtown Dubai and Burj Khalifa

Introduction to Various Types of Dubai Homes + Photos

Today, Dubai's real estate industry is recognized as one of the favorite destinations for tourism and global investment. Factors such as a strong economic foundation, captivating architecture, modern amenities, and more contribute to this popularity.

Photo of Dubai Marina houses

As you can see in the pictures of Dubai homes, a wide range of diverse and captivating ideas exist in Dubai and the Emirates, from penthouse towers like Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, and more, to villas on artificial islands, luxurious palaces in the Emirates, and beyond. In the following article, descriptions and images of each are provided.

A Stroll through Emirates Royal Residences

Our first destination to explore inside Dubai homes is one of the beautiful palaces in the Emirates. These palaces are adorned with walls and tall trees and mostly serve as the homes of royal families. Due to the usual exclusivity of these places, we often wonder what lies within these royal residences?!

 Night view of Qasr al-Watan, Abu Dhabi, UAE

One of these royal residences is Qasr Al Watan in Abu Dhabi. This palace was formerly used as the Presidential Palace, but since 2019, with the permission of the ruler and president of the Emirates, this place has been opened to the public.

Interior view of Qasr al-Watan hall of the Emirates

The architectural style of Qasr Al Watan reflects the history and culture of the people of the Emirates. Continuing from the view of the grand hall of this palace, you can see the central dome, the decorations of the vaults, and the library of this mansion.

Qasr Al-Watan Library of the Emirates

Dubai's Artificial Island Homes

Technological advancements have allowed humans to achieve remarkable feats, such as creating artificial islands and transforming them into unique places with modern and advanced structures!

Palm Jumeirah is the name of one of the artificial islands in Dubai, shaped like a palm tree. Interestingly, according to statistics, this island has managed to secure the title of the seventh-largest artificial island in the world! Below, you can see pictures of Dubai homes on the Palm Jumeirah Island.

Beautiful view of Palm Jumeirah Dubai from above

The total area of this island is 5 square kilometers. However, with its unique architecture, Palm Jumeirah has managed to extend Dubai's coastline to 520 kilometers! This vast expansion is evident in the image below.

Boats - Palm Island villas and apartments Dubai

A variety of recreational, wellness, shopping facilities, and hotels can be found on this island. The most famous hotel on this island is named Atlantis, which is considered one of the luxury hotels in Dubai.

The beautiful view of Atlantis Hotel, Palm Jumeirah Island, Dubai

Floating and Underwater Villas in Dubai

After constructing artificial islands in Dubai, the next step was taken towards floating water villas! Some of these houses even consist of two levels, with one level underwater and the other above water. Below, you can see pictures of floating villa homes in Dubai.

Dubai floating villas

The name of the first series of these houses is Floating Seahorse, which was introduced for the first time in 2016. It might be interesting to know that the value of some Dubai's floating villas can reach up to $3.3 million!

Beautiful floating villa in Dubai
Underwater view of Dubai's floating villas

Penthouse Photos

The unique urban style of Dubai and the abundance of rare skyscrapers and tall buildings in it are among the factors that have turned Dubai real estate into one of the most remarkable places in the world!

View of Burj Khalifa from inside the penthouse in Dubai

Penthouses in these skyscrapers and other tall structures of Dubai capture the attention of every observer. Penthouses offer panoramic views of the entire cityscape of Dubai.

Beautiful view of Dubai from the penthouse

Moreover, all of these units have full glass windows that allow natural light to enter the entire building.

Penthouse with infinity pool and view of Downtown and Burj Khalifa
Beautiful penthouse decoration in Dubai

Apartment Photos

Apartment living is one of the most popular choices in Dubai. Their amenities often include smart systems capable of regulating temperature, lighting, and sound.

Interior design and apartment decoration in Dubai

In addition, luxury and reputable brands are commonly used for the elements incorporated in apartments.

Beautiful night view of Dubai from inside the penthouse
Unique decoration and eternal view from inside the apartment in Dubai

Townhouses and Villas

Villas are often built in the form of residential complexes using modern architectural styles in Dubai. Near these villas, you can find all the advanced amenities and necessary facilities for living, such as shopping centers, sports clubs, cafes, restaurants, medical centers, and more. Below, you can see pictures of Dubai villa homes.

View of a pool villa in Dubai
Villa with large pool in Dubai
Unique architecture and design of villas in Dubai

Townhouses are constructed to be quite similar to villas, but the difference lies in their unique architectural style and the row-like arrangement compared to villas. Below, you can witness the interior view of modern townhouse homes in Dubai.

Modern style townhouses in Dubai
Modern townhouses in Dubai

Summary of Dubai Home Photos

In this article from New Way, we've attempted to gather and introduce a selection of the best "Dubai home photos" for our esteemed readers. We hope this content has captured your attention. If you have any questions or comments in this regard, please feel free to write in the comments section of the website. We are delighted to hear your feedback and address any uncertainties you might have.

We have provided 24 photos of palaces, waterfront villas, and houses in Dubai, which are located in desert and man-made islands.

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