Dubai living law

Dubai living law
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Aug . 07 . 2023

If you intend to travel or migrate to Dubai, it is advisable to first become familiar with the laws and conditions of life in Dubai. The UAE is a Muslim country with traditional and religious people. The laws of this country differ from those in Europe and America, and if you aim to have a hassle-free and comfortable life in Dubai, the regulations outlined in this article will assist you.

In the article we have prepared for you, general and important laws for living and traveling to Dubai are mentioned. As a result, you will have no concerns about your citizenship rights, as you will be informed about what you need to know.

Laws and Regulations of Life in Dubai

Dubai is the largest city in the United Arab Emirates. This wealthy Emirati city attracts many immigrants due to its favorable conditions for investment and work, with approximately 80 percent of the city's population being migrants. In order to understand how you can have a comfortable life in this exceptional city, it's better to read the life laws in Dubai outlined in the rest of the article.

Alcohol Consumption in Dubai

Consumption of alcoholic beverages is allowed for non-Muslims at home and some licensed restaurants and hotels as one of the laws of life in Dubai. The purchase and consumption of alcoholic beverages are prohibited for individuals under 21 years old. Additionally, according to the laws of Dubai and the UAE, consuming alcoholic beverages in public places is considered a crime and carries penalties.

Tourists can obtain a one-month license for purchasing and consuming alcoholic beverages. This document requires tourists to acknowledge and adhere to the laws and regulations of buying and consuming alcoholic beverages in Dubai.

It's also worth mentioning that individuals with Dubai residency can obtain a two-year license for purchasing, possessing, and consuming alcoholic beverages.

Prohibition of alcohol consumption in Dubai

Dress Code Etiquette in Dubai

Dress code also has its own specific rules in this country. Clothing should not reveal inappropriate parts of the body. Additionally, clothes should not feature images or offensive slogans. Public nudity is prohibited. Wearing swimwear in public places is not allowed, but it can be worn at the beach and pools. It's interesting to note that when leaving the beach or pool, you should change into appropriate clothing for public places.

One of the laws of life in Dubai pertains to attire when visiting religious places. Female travelers are required to wear an abaya or cover their head when visiting religious places such as mosques.

Men are also expected to dress appropriately. These specific dress code rules for both women and men do not apply in the place of residence or hotels, but are more relevant for public places such as shopping centers, tourist attractions, and so on.

Prohibition of alcohol consumption in Dubai

Driving in Dubai

The beautiful and splendid city of Dubai is a great destination for spending holidays. Tourists traveling to this modern city need an international driving license for driving. Tourists can simply visit one of the official representatives of the Iranian Touring and Automobile Club with their driver's license, passport, and a 4x3 photo. Based on the applicant's request and conditions, an international driving license valid for one to three years can be issued. The names of the countries where the license holder can drive using this license are listed in the card or booklet of the international driving license.

However, an important note regarding the laws of life in Dubai is that tourists entering a country are not allowed to use a personal vehicle and can only use rental cars.

For immigrants who intend to reside in Dubai, if you have an Iranian driver's license, you must visit the Iranian embassy in the UAE. There, your driver's license will be translated and a certificate will be provided to you, which you need to take to a driving school.

After completing these steps, you must pass the theoretical courses and take the traffic rules exam. Then, depending on your driving experience, you need to take a minimum of 20-10 hours of training and finally participate in the final exam.

Rules and Regulations for Guiding and Driving in Dubai

Among the laws of life in Dubai, which is also applicable in most countries around the world including the Emirates, is the prohibition of driving for individuals under 18 years old. Other regulations in this country include:

  • Children under 13 years old are not allowed to sit in the front seat of a car.
  • Driving a vehicle without insurance is prohibited.
  • Overspeeding is not allowed.
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol is prohibited and carries heavy penalties.
  • Using a mobile phone while driving is not allowed.
  • Street racing is prohibited in Dubai.
Prohibition of alcohol consumption in Dubai

Drug Laws in Dubai

Just as driving under the influence of alcohol carries penalties in Dubai, possession and trafficking of drugs also result in severe punishments. Some travelers might have layovers in UAE airports while traveling to other countries. It's important to know that if you are found in possession of any substance deemed illegal in the country, you will be arrested and imprisoned before departure. Having drugs in your bloodstream is also considered trafficking in the UAE.

Some medications and herbal plants are illegal in the UAE. Individuals using prohibited medications not only need to have a doctor's prescription, but they must also bring a quantity of medication corresponding to their stay duration.

Laws Regarding Loud Music

Another law that might not get much attention but could cause trouble is playing loud music in public places. Playing loud music and dancing in public areas is prohibited.

Photography Laws in Dubai

Another aspect of life in Dubai pertains to photography. Photography also has its specific rules in this city. Taking photos of people without their permission and some government and military buildings is prohibited. Additionally, if photos are published on social media, it could escalate your offense and subject you to cybercrime laws. In addition to the aforementioned restrictions, photographing road accidents that you come across during your journey is also not allowed.

Prohibition of alcohol consumption in Dubai

Rules of Ramadan in Dubai

The ninth month in the Islamic lunar calendar is Ramadan. In this month, Muslims observe fasting to purify their souls. Note that for migrants or tourists living in Dubai during this blessed month, eating and drinking in public is prohibited. However, you can still comfortably eat in your own residence and in some hotel restaurants that remain open during this month, out of public view.

Disrespect in Dubai

Disrespect is unacceptable anywhere in the world. However, in Dubai, disrespect can lead to trouble. If you become upset due to the behavior of other drivers while driving, it's better to avoid engaging in any insulting behaviors.

Be mindful of your body language in Dubai. Especially when interacting with women, you should never touch them under any circumstances. Even if you have no malicious intent, such behavior is considered disrespectful and is prohibited in Dubai.

Final Remarks on Laws and Regulations of Life in Dubai

Many of the laws and regulations mentioned in Dubai are also applicable in our own country. If you intend to immigrate to Dubai or live there, it's better to travel with a well-thought-out plan and full awareness of the laws and regulations.

If you have experience traveling to Dubai or residing there, please share with us the laws and information you have acquired.

Traveling or living in any country requires knowing its laws in various areas. The conditions and regulations of life in Dubai are no exception to this principle. In this article, we have attempted to...

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