Is life better in Qatar or Dubai?

Is life better in Qatar or Dubai?
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Aug . 19 . 2023

Today, Dubai and Doha are recognized as two luxurious and affluent cities in the Middle East and the world. The significant advancements achieved by the UAE and Qatar have led migrants and investors from around the world, especially Iran, to choose these two countries as destinations for continued living and migration. However, one of the major challenges that those interested in living in these two countries face is the question of whether living in Qatar is better or Dubai?

If you're considering living in one of these two countries located in the southern Persian Gulf, but haven't yet decided which city to choose, don't worry! In this comprehensive article from New Way, we will provide you with a thorough comparison between Qatar and Dubai, covering topics such as climate differences, cost of living, security, legal conditions, wages, unemployment rates, and the life for Iranians in both places.

By thoroughly examining all aspects, you'll be able to make an informed decision as an Iranian citizen on whether living in Qatar is better than Dubai. So, stay with New Way until the end to gather all the necessary insights.

Is life better in Qatar or Dubai?

General Characteristics of Dubai

  • Dubai is the most unique and distinctive city in the Middle East.
  • Dubai is the most immigrant-friendly city in the Middle East, with approximately 80% of its population consisting of immigrants according to reputable statistics.
  • Approximately 3.5 million people live in Dubai.
  • Dubai is most famous for its modern and diverse architecture, tall buildings, and landmarks such as the Burj Khalifa.
  • The largest and busiest airlines in the country are based in Dubai.
  • Dubai has established the most advanced transportation system in the world.

Characteristics of Doha

  • In 2013, Qatar was recognized as the wealthiest country in the world in the Forbes list and has one of the highest Human Development Indices in the region.
  • Approximately 2.8 million people live in the city of Doha, Qatar.
  • One of the largest international airports in the world, named Hamad International Airport (DOH), is located in Qatar.
  • Qatar is among the countries with the world's highest reserves of oil and natural gas.

Qatar or UAE, Which One to Choose for Living?

Both the UAE and Qatar are among the wealthiest countries in the Gulf region. Dubai is known as the economic capital of the United Arab Emirates and is the largest city in the country after Abu Dhabi. Doha is also the capital of Qatar and is recognized as one of the financial centers of the Middle East.

Some of the prominent features that have made the UAE and Qatar top choices among individuals looking to migrate, expand their businesses, and live in a foreign country include the high value of national currency, desirable standards of well-being and quality of life, and more.

Generally, it's a bit challenging to sum up whether life is better in Dubai or Qatar in a single word. However, the biggest difference between Qatar and Dubai that has led Iranians to show more inclination towards living in this city (Dubai) is the better and closer relationship between Iranian and Emirati citizens. Statistics also indicate that migration from Iran to the UAE is higher than migration to Qatar. Life in Dubai seems to be better and more convenient for Iranians compared to life in Qatar!​

Complete Comparison of Dubai and Doha

There is a great deal of confusion when it comes to choosing between Dubai and Doha. Both are among the strategic cities of the Middle East and share many similarities in terms of language, culture, traditions, religion, and so on. However, the most significant difference between Qatar and Dubai is that Dubai is more recognized as an investment destination (especially in real estate), a tourist hotspot, and a hub for tourism. On the other hand, Qatar is more renowned for possessing oil and gas reserves in the region.

In order to come to a solid conclusion about whether life is better in Qatar or Dubai, familiarity with the differences of each**, as outlined in this article from New Way, will undoubtedly assist you in making a more informed decision.

Comparison of Dubai and Doha

Comparison of Climate Conditions in Qatar and Dubai

Dubai and Doha are situated relatively close to each other and both fall within the coastal cities of the Persian Gulf. Consequently, their climates are quite similar. Both regions experience hot and dry weather during the summer season, with temperatures ranging from 35 to 45 degrees Celsius. However, during the remaining seasons of the year, the weather is moderate and pleasant.

Comparison of Cost of Living in Qatar and the Emirates

Comparing the cost of living is one of the factors that assists you in deciding whether life is better in Qatar or Dubai. The cost of living varies for each individual based on personal habits. However, on average, the differences in the cost of living between these two countries are outlined below.

Difference in Food and Dining Costs in the Emirates and Qatar

The cost of food and dining is one of the major expenses in life. Generally, the cost of groceries, food items, and restaurants in Dubai is lower than in Qatar and Doha, which is one of the challenges of living in Qatar.

Is life better in Qatar or Dubai - food variety

Difference in Taxes Paid in Doha and Dubai

Generally, Dubai is known as a city with very low to zero taxes. The tax burden in Doha is also relatively low.

Difference in Education Costs in the Emirates and Qatar

The cost of education in both countries varies depending on the field of study and the chosen university.

Is the Transportation System Better in Dubai or Qatar?

Qatar and the Emirates are known globally for having some of the best public transportation systems. Dubai's transportation system is designed to allow easy movement across the city through the metro and other means. The transportation infrastructure in Doha, Qatar, is also well-developed, comparable to Dubai, UAE.

The difference between Qatar and Dubai - transportation system

Is the Cost of Renting a House Lower in Dubai or Qatar?

Dubai is one of the key commercial and financial hubs in the Persian Gulf region. Due to its geographical location, history, culture, high return on investment rates, and quality of constructed houses, many people from around the world choose to invest and live in Dubai by purchasing property there. Because of the better conditions and greater attractiveness of Dubai, the cost of renting a house there is slightly higher than in Doha.

Is Investment and Living Better in Qatar or Dubai?

Understanding the real estate and investment conditions in Qatar and the Emirates helps you determine whether life is better in Qatar or the UAE. In the past two decades, Dubai and Doha have been considered as some of the most attractive destinations for property purchase and investment for foreign traders. Both countries are economically vibrant in the Middle East and offer excellent conditions for property investment.

Today, due to the favorable conditions in Dubai's real estate industry, purchasing property in Dubai is considered one of the safest investment methods globally. Notable aspects of Dubai's housing market include the absence of taxes, high-quality constructed houses, and the utilization of the most modern equipment in properties.

Is it better to invest in Qatar or Dubai?

Are Salaries and Wages Higher in Dubai or Doha?

One of the key criteria that helps you make a better decision regarding whether life is better in Qatar or Dubai is understanding the rates of salaries and wages. Each city determines a specific amount as wages based on the workforce needs. However, generally, the salaries and wages paid in Dubai are higher than in Doha. In this section, we'll examine some common professions:

Difference in Accounting Job Salary in Dubai and Doha

The salary for an accountant in Dubai is 156,000 dirhams per year, whereas in Doha, it's 126,000 dirhams.

Difference in Web Design Job Salary in Dubai and Doha

The salary for web designers in Dubai and Qatar depends on their level of expertise, but on average, the annual salary is 214,000 dirhams in Dubai and 171,000 dirhams in Qatar.

Difference in Medical Staff Salary in Dubai and Doha

The earned salary for medical staff varies based on experience. It's around 146,000 dirhams in Dubai and 236,000 dirhams in Qatar.

As observed in the salary differences between Dubai and Qatar, the salary rates in Dubai are higher than in Doha. From this perspective, life in Dubai is better than in Doha. This aspect provides valuable information for determining whether life is better in Qatar or Dubai.

Difference in Unemployment Rate in Qatar and the Emirates

Generally, the unemployment rate and job opportunities in these two countries are very close and minimal, with little difference. The poverty rate in Qatar and Dubai is also reported to be low.

Difference in Security between Qatar and Dubai

Qatar and the Emirates both rank among the countries that have managed to establish the highest level of security in their cities. Crime rates, violent crimes, and other offenses are low in both of these countries. Security in Qatar and Dubai is nearly identical.

Life for Iranians in Qatar

The experience of living in Qatar for Iranians varies from person to person in terms of lifestyle and other factors. Some challenges that Iranians living in this country face include the high summer temperatures during June to August, inadequate driving conditions, and overt racism. These issues are among the challenges of life for Iranians in Qatar.

Qatar imports most of its essential food items, which makes buying basic necessities like meat and rice quite expensive. Some advantages of living in Qatar for Iranians include relatively low gasoline prices, high-quality education, and a low unemployment rate.

Residency in Dubai for Iranians

Dubai is an immigrant-friendly city, and many Iranians live there. Because of this, Iranians residing in Dubai tend to feel less isolated. The behavior of Dubai residents towards Iranians is positive, and due to the proximity of the UAE to Iran, there is a significant religious and cultural compatibility between the two nations.

Conclusion: Is Life Better in Qatar or Dubai?

In this article by New Way, an effort has been made to assist you in making a well-informed decision regarding whether life is better in Qatar or Dubai by examining the most important differences and aspects. Both Qatar and the UAE are welcoming countries near Iran that have managed to maintain good security in their cities. Ultimately, the decision about whether life is better in Qatar or Dubai depends on your personal preferences and desires for living in a foreign country. However, overall, if your intention is to immigrate, invest, and live, the UAE seems to be a more suitable option compared to Qatar.

If you have any insights that could help readers and individuals interested in migrating to Qatar and Dubai, please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section of the website's articles.

Dubai or UAE vs. Qatar or Doha? Which things are more important to you in life? Feed cost or tax? Investment with low tax payment?

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