Introducing 13 popular sightseeing and tourist places in Dubai

Introducing 13 popular sightseeing and tourist places in Dubai
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Sep . 09 . 2023
When you hear the name Dubai, undoubtedly the first thing that comes to your mind is the attractions of Dubai. When you step into this beautiful city, each part of it is considered a tourist attraction on its own. From the sky-piercing skyscrapers to scenic walkways, gardens, and historical sites, they have all contributed to making this beautiful city a popular destination for foreign tourists, including Iranians. In this article, from Neewy, we intend to introduce you to the most famous tourist attractions in Dubai such as: Global Village, museums, aquarium, Burj Khalifa, and other places of interest in Dubai. We will provide you with useful and comprehensive information about these places, such as visiting hours, prices, and more, so you can have a precise and organized plan during your stay in this beautiful city.

Introducing Dubai's Most Famous Attractions

While Dubai as a whole is considered a tourist attraction, we want to focus on introducing Dubai's most famous attractions. Despite its relatively small size, this city boasts numerous attractions, many of which have even set Guinness World Records. For this reason, in addition to visiting it, living in Dubai has also become popular.

Introducing Dubai's Most Famous Tourist Attractions

1. Burj Khalifa: One of Dubai's Must-See Attractions

When you hear the names of tall and the world's most famous skyscrapers, Burj Khalifa is the first name that comes to everyone's mind. Burj Khalifa is one of Dubai's top attractions and is internationally renowned as the tallest tower in the world, visible from all over the city. This skyscraper has 163 floors and features a high-speed glass elevator that covers every ten meters in just 1 second. Interestingly, you should know that Buy Property in Burj Khalifa has been done by some of the world's most famous personalities and even some Iranians.

To see Dubai's attractions from the heights of this beautiful tower, you need to purchase tickets. We recommend booking your tickets one or two weeks in advance of your visit, and one important thing to note is that Burj Khalifa tickets are valid for up to 90 days. Generally, ticket prices vary depending on the visiting hours.

The world's highest restaurant is located on the 122nd floor of this skyscraper, where you can enjoy the beautiful views of Dubai while dining. You can also sit back and observe the city from the 124th and 148th floors with specially designed telescopes. The 163rd floor is the tallest and is not open to the general public!

Visiting Hours for Burj Khalifa: 8:30 AM to 10 PM

urj Khalifa - One of Dubai's Attractions

2. Dubai Fountain: One of Dubai's Landmarks

The Dubai Fountain is one of the most famous and renowned attractions in Dubai. This musical fountain boasts more than 6,600 lights in 25 different colors. The structure of this fountain is 275 meters long, and it can shoot water up to 150 meters into the sky. Watching this fountain from a distance is one of the free attractions in Dubai.

The Dubai Fountain is located around the Burj Khalifa. Therefore, if you take a walk around the tower, you can enjoy the dancing waters of this fountain. However, by walking along the promenade by the lake, you can see the fountain up close at a distance of 9 meters. This fountain is considered one of the must-see attractions in Dubai at night.

Visiting Times for Dubai Fountain: You can visit the Dubai Fountain every day at 1:00-1:30 PM and 6:00-11:00 PM (every 30 minutes).

Cost of Visiting Dubai Fountain: The cost of visiting the fountain is 65 UAE Dirhams (children under 4 years old do not need to pay).

Dancing Fountain - One of Dubai's Attractions

3. Global Village: A Piece of the World in Dubai

If you've always been interested in traveling the world and want to get acquainted with the cultures of different peoples, we recommend visiting Global Village as one of the attractions in Dubai.By stepping into this village, you hit two birds with one stone and become familiar with a collection of history and culture from 90 countries across the Middle East, America, Asia, and Europe.

It's interesting to know that the entrance to each country is designed according to its authentic architecture, and their most important symbols, such as the pyramids of Egypt, Persepolis, the Taj Mahal, and more, are placed in sections related to each country. In this village, besides witnessing the historical artifacts of countries, you can also purchase their handicrafts and popular cuisine. Like other tourist attractions in Dubai, Global Village has also achieved many records.

Visiting Time for Global Village: From October to February

Visiting Hours for Global Village: It is open from 4:00 PM to 12:00 AM.

Cost of Visiting Global Village: The cost for admission is 20 UAE Dirhams per person (excluding children under three years old).

Global Village - A Piece of the World in Dubai
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4. Miracle Garden: A Floral Oasis in the Heart of Dubai's Desert Attractions

One of the must-see places in Dubai that has earned a place in the Guinness World Records is the Miracle Garden. The Miracle Garden is a name chosen for a floral garden spanning 72,000 square meters with 150 million flowers. Undoubtedly, the presence of this flower garden in the heart of Dubai's desert is akin to a miracle. The unique design of this garden and the creation of beautiful structures with flowers are among the reasons for the popularity of this park.

One of the most eye-catching sections of this park is the Airbus A380, made with 5 million flowers and weighing around 100 tons. The special collection and arrangement of flowers and plants side by side have turned this garden into a wondrous place. Additionally, this structure is also recorded in the Guinness World Records.

Visiting Hours and Time for Miracle Garden: You can visit the floral creations at the South Barsha Street from 9 AM to 9 PM.

Miracle Garden - A Garden Oasis in the Heart of Dubai Desert Attractions

5. The Green Planet: One of Dubai's Sightseeing Areas

In addition to the Miracle Garden, The Green Planet has once again proven that you can create a jungle in the heart of the desert. The tropical rainforest of The Green Planet is an enclosed ecosystem with a glass roof reaching 50 meters in height. This facility has become home to 3,000 species of plants, birds, and other creatures, with the aim of showcasing the Earth's ecosystem on a small scale.

In the center of The Green Planet, there stands a 25-meter tall tree. Interestingly, this tree is artificial, but all the plants growing on it are natural. If you're tired of the warm desert air of Dubai and yearn for camping in a jungle, just visit The Green Planet. Camping in the Green Planet Dubai is an unparalleled experience for those who enjoy being in nature.

Visiting Hours and Time for The Green Planet: The facility is open for visitors from 10 AM to 6 PM, and those planning to camp should spend their night in this beautiful jungle after the facility's regular hours.

Green Planet - One of Dubai's Tourist Attractions

6. Dubai Opera: A Tourist Attraction in Dubai

Dubai Opera is a ship-shaped venue entirely made of glass. It has a capacity of 2,000 people and hosts various events such as music concerts, musical and comedy theater performances, ballet, and opera. The Dubai Opera is a unique structure and is considered one of the luxurious tourist attractions in Dubai.

Dubai Opera - A Tourist Attraction in Dubai

7. Park and Resort: One of Dubai's Tourist Attractions

If you're looking for excitement, you must visit the Park and Resort. This park is divided into four sections: Legoland Water Park and Legoland, Riverland, Bollywood Park, and Motiongate. In Motiongate, enthusiasts of the Hollywood world can step into the world of fantasy and imagination. The Bollywood Park section focuses on the Indian film industry.

Legoland is the land of Legos in Dubai, recognized as the first Legoland park in the Middle East. Riverland serves as the entrance to the other three parks and has numerous dining and entertainment venues. With the purchase of one ticket, you can explore all the sections of this complex. Additionally, this location has easy access to public transportation and is known as one of the must-visit places in Dubai with easy metro access.

8. Wild Wadi Water Park: A Dubai Attraction

The Wild Wadi Water Park is one of the unique water parks in the Middle East. If you want to experience all water-based thrills in one place, this park is an excellent choice. It features wave pools that simulate real waves, towering slides that reach heights of up to 32 meters, and water rafting. This park is located near Jumeirah Beach. The article Buying a House in Jumeirah Dubai provides comprehensive information about this area and its properties.

Buying Tickets for Wild Wadi Water Park: An interesting point about buying tickets for this park is that the ticket price is determined based on the height of individuals. If your height is taller than 1.10 meters, you will need to pay 310 AED, and if you are shorter than 1.10 meters, you will need to pay 260 AED.

Wild Wadi Water Park - One of Dubai's Attractions

9. Dubai Miracle Garden: One of Dubai's Attractions

The Dubai Miracle Garden is the largest flower garden in the world. This park is considered one of the most attractive and newest tourist attractions in Dubai. In the construction of the structures in this park, various recyclable materials and low-energy LED lights have been used, all of which are crafted by skilled artists.

Inside the Dubai Miracle Garden, you'll find sculptures of animals and replicas of famous buildings. It's interesting to note that the replica of the Burj Khalifa in this garden is made from 330,000 small pots. Other attractions in this complex include the Dinosaur Park and the Ice Park. In the Dinosaur Park, you can see 120 life-sized dinosaurs, and giant robot replicas of dinosaurs have been created to resemble the real thing.

Garden Glow - One of Dubai's Attractions

10. Dubai Mall: Dubai's Tourist Attractions

The Dubai Mall is the world's largest shopping center. You might say that a shopping mall isn't typically considered a tourist attraction, but when it comes to Dubai Mall, that's not the case. This mall incorporates many of Dubai's attractions within its vast space. Dubai Mall is approximately 50 times the size of a football field! Its interior design is visually stunning.

Inside Dubai Mall, you can find the Dubai Mall Waterfall, the largest indoor aquarium in the world, ice skating, and other entertainment options, making it one of the tourist attractions in Dubai.

Dubai Mall - Tourist Attractions in Dubai

11. Dubai Aquarium

The Dubai Aquarium, located inside the Dubai Mall, houses more than 140 marine species. Visiting this aquarium is free through the mall and is one of the free attractions in Dubai. Recreational features in this aquarium include diving and glass-bottom boat tours. You can also venture into the water with protected glass cages to enjoy the underwater world.

Dubai Aquarium

12. Historical Attractions in Dubai

Among the other attractions in Dubai, you can find historical sites such as Al Fahidi Fort, the beautiful Jumeirah Mosque, Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum's House, and Deira, among others. The architecture and design of these sites have captured the attention of many and hold significant historical value. If you're interested in learning more about historical sites in Deira, Dubai, you can check out the comprehensive article on the website for additional information.

Historical Attractions in Dubai

13. Museums in Dubai

Undoubtedly, what you'll see in Dubai's museums is something you won't find anywhere else. Some of the notable museums in this city include the Dubai Future Museum, Dubai Museum of the Union, Dubai Museum of Illusions, Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization, Dubai Coffee Museum, Dubai Coin Museum, and Dubai Moving Image Museum, each offering its own unique wonders.

Dubai Museums

Dubai Sightseeing Summary

In this article, New Way has attempted to introduce you to Dubai's most famous attractions, from historical sites to museums and the city's most beautiful and modern buildings. If you have experienced any of these tourist attractions in Dubai, you can share your knowledge and insights with other readers in the comments section of the New Way website. We are eager to hear from you.

Dubai is one of the young cities in the Persian Gulf, which is known as one of the most visited tourist areas due to its progress in economic and tourism fields.

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