Deira area of Dubai; From tradition to modernity

Deira area of Dubai; From tradition to modernity
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Sep . 02 . 2023

Deira is one of the famous and highly visited areas in the eastern part of Dubai. In the Deira Dubai district, there is a blend of modern contemporary life alongside ancient traditions, which is very appealing to tourists. In this article, we, from Niyovi, aim to introduce you to the attractions of Deira Dubai and provide you with comprehensive and complete information about this place, including photos and its location, so stay with us until the end of the article.

Where is Deira Dubai Located?

The beautiful city of Dubai is divided into two parts, east and west, through Dubai Creek, with the western part being called Dubai and the eastern part known as Deira. This area is one of the significant commercial and historical neighborhoods of Dubai. In the past, all major commercial activities took place in the Deira district, which is why this area was known as the heart of Dubai. Although it has lost its position as the main trading center today, it still attracts many tourists due to its unique old architecture.

Introducing the Attractions of Deira Dubai

The historical and cultural area of Deira Emirates has numerous tourist attractions. Starting with its buildings, modernity has found its way into this ancient city, with luxurious and modern hotels and apartments coexisting with the traditional and old structures, creating a remarkable blend for onlookers.

Don't miss the traditional markets and modern shopping centers in this area! Small local cafes in the narrow streets of this city, as well as modern cafes and restaurants with extraordinary architecture, are among its wonders.

When it comes to the attractions of Deira Dubai, we must mention the Women's Museum, Heritage House, Al Ahmadiyah School, and more. Dubai Dolphinarium, Al Mamzar Beach Park, Seawings tours, YHI Spa, and others are recreational facilities in Deira city in Dubai. We will get to know these places in more detail below.

Deira, Dubai's location on the map.

1- Gold market

If you're interested in gold or looking to invest in gold, we strongly recommend paying a visit to the Gold Souk in Deira. Known as the world's largest gold market, it offers a wide variety of gold, from delicate medallions to full-body suits of gold armor. In this remarkable market, you can choose unique and one-of-a-kind gold items that you won't find anywhere else!

Deira Gold Souk

2- Spice Market

If you're a fan of cooking, visiting the spice market will surely excite you. In addition to spices, medicinal and aromatic herbs are also available in this market. From admiring the various colors of spices to inhaling their fragrant aroma, it will be captivating for you. So, we recommend paying a visit to this market even if you don't intend to buy anything.

Spice Market

3- Women's Museum Bint Al Banaat

As the name suggests, this museum is located in Deira, Dubai and is dedicated to women, founded by Lady Rafia Gubash (one of the famous women in the Emirates). This museum houses the works of Emirati women artists, and its primary goal is to showcase the importance of women's role in Arab culture. On the first floor of the museum, you can see beautiful artistic masterpieces, and the second floor is dedicated to the study of women.

Women's Museum Bint Al Banaat

4- Heritage House

Heritage House is one of the magnificent buildings constructed by an Iranian merchant in 1890 AD, which later became the property of the renowned pearl merchant, Sheikh Ahmed bin Dalmouk. This beautiful house features exceptional architecture. The house's verandas are made of gypsum and coral structures, which prevent hot air from entering the interior. Other parts of the house also have their own charm. 3D images and audio displays are among the new features used to showcase the homeowner's lifestyle in the rooms.

5- Al Ahmadiya School

Al Ahmadiya School, recognized as one of the oldest and most reputable schools on Deira Island in Dubai, was founded by Sheikh Ahmed bin Dalmouk in 1912 AD. In the year 2000 AD, this school was transformed into a museum, with its classrooms dedicated to exhibitions about the history of Dubai.

Al Ahmadiya School

6- Dubai Dolphinarium

At the Dolphinarium in the Deira area water park, you can enjoy watching the dolphins perform dances, magic tricks, and even painting. These adorable and lovable creatures will surely bring joyous moments to your visit.

Dolphinarium Dubai Water Park

7- Al Mamzar Beach Park

The beautiful Al Mamzar Beach Park offers a wide range of amenities such as swimming pools, playgrounds, picnic areas, and numerous cafes. You can also explore the entire park by renting bicycles. Thanks to these recreational facilities, booking a hotel in Deira, Dubai is popular among foreign tourists.

8- Seawings Tours

The best way to explore the city of Deira is through Seawings tours. In these tours, you board small seaplanes and get to view the city from above.

9- YHI Spa

If you want to pamper yourself and have an extraordinary day, we recommend visiting the YHI Spa center in this area. They offer various massage services that help customers relax. Additionally, their unique treatments using reputable products are effective for rejuvenating the skin and strengthening hair. In this section, we've discussed some recreational and historical sites in Deira city. Now, let's talk about buying or renting property in Deira.

Spa in Deira

Buying Property in Deira Area

Buying property is one of the significant life decisions for anyone, so it should be approached with care and special sensitivity. A good geographical location, abundant amenities, and excellent property infrastructure have created favorable conditions for buying a house in the Deira area.

This locality has many residential and commercial properties, including luxurious apartments, sea-view villas, and modern hotels. Due to its proximity to the center of Dubai, properties in this area hold special significance.

Buying Apartments in Deira Neighborhood

Apartments in the Deira area are considered a suitable option for buying and investing in Dubai. These apartments come in studio units and 1 to 4-bedroom units, and most of them offer amenities such as swimming pools, fitness centers, and green spaces. In general, the approximate prices for buying apartments range from AED 350,000 to AED 17,240,000, so you can choose an apartment that fits your budget.

Purchasing Property in Deira

Buying Villas in Deira Neighborhood

Villas in the Deira neighborhood are among the suitable properties for purchase, offering luxurious architecture and sea-view landscapes. These villas come with outstanding amenities such as swimming pools, beautiful gardens, and private cinemas. The beautiful view of the Persian Gulf and the beachfront location are other features that make these villas unique. The number of bedrooms in different villas ranges from 2 to over 7. The approximate prices for buying them vary from AED 1,350,000 to AED 61,999,000.

Booking a Hotel in Deira, Dubai

Up to this point, we've talked about buying property for those interested in investing in this area, but tourists coming to Dubai for leisure have the opportunity to stay in one of the luxurious 3-4-5 star hotels in the Deira, Dubai area. So, you can enjoy a comfortable stay by booking a hotel in Deira, Dubai.

Final Thoughts on Deira, Dubai

In this article, we discussed the Deira area and some of its recreational, tourist, and property buying opportunities. This area beautifully blends tradition and modernity, making it a suitable place for investment, exploration, and leisure. If you live in Deira or have experienced traveling there, we would be delighted to hear your thoughts. Please share your comments with us in the comments section of the New V website.

Deira is one of the historical and important areas of Dubai. This area is a beautiful combination of tradition and modernity It shows the UAE. For this reason, it has been able to attract many tourists and investors every year.

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