Penthouse introduction

Penthouse introduction
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Sep . 21 . 2023

We are all almost familiar with the term Penthouse in a building, and we know that it refers to the highest unit in a tall building or tower. Penthouses are usually designed with luxurious, beautiful, and more exclusive features compared to other units in a building. The best recreational facilities such as swimming pools, jacuzzis, large open terraces, pergolas, and green spaces are designed and built in them.

In recent years, with the increase in tall buildings in cities, people's interest in living in and exploring these units has grown to the point where we sometimes become curious about which famous individuals and who owns penthouses. In this article by Newvie, we are going to discuss the history of construction, facilities, and more about penthouses, so be sure to stay with us until the end of this article.

پنت هاوس

What is a Penthouse?

As mentioned, a Penthouse refers to a unit that is typically constructed on the top floor of a tall building and has luxury amenities and distinctive features compared to the other apartments in the building. Sometimes, a tower or residential building may have several penthouses, so this term is not exclusive to just the tallest unit in a building.

Therefore, any unit that is constructed in the uppermost part of a luxury building and incorporates luxurious and expensive amenities into its design and structure can be called a penthouse. Today, purchasing these units has become popular among wealthy and affluent individuals, especially those who wish to invest capital and buy property outside of Iran. Buying a penthouse in Dubai is a suitable option. Its interior layout and design are very chic and luxurious compared to ordinary apartments.

What are the units referred to as Penthouses?

A Brief History of Penthouse Construction; From the Past to Today

The term Penthouse apartment in English means painter's house. In ancient times, painters and artists had limited income and, due to budget constraints, were forced to live in rooms under the eaves, which had lower rent costs compared to regular houses. For this reason, over time, these units became known as painter's houses among the community.

At that time, these rooms were the living quarters of servants and the lower classes of society. However, as time passed, the wealthy and the upper echelons of society became interested in living compared to these strata. The main history of penthouse construction dates back to the 1920s in the United States. In general, this decade can be considered a starting point for the growth and prosperity of the United States.

During that time, there was a strong demand for living in large and developed cities. That's why, for the first time, wealthy individuals in New York City began renovating these units, using chic designs and decorations.

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The history and meaning of 'Penthouse' in the English language

Who First Came Up with the Idea of Building a Penthouse?

One of the earliest and most famous Penthouses was constructed in New York by Condé Montrose Nast, a renowned entrepreneur and publisher. The design of this unit was such that it was built as a duplex house on top of a residential apartment complex. The design of this unit was carried out by the famous French architect named Elie-Denis Dubois. You can see a photo of the Penthouse below.

The first constructed Penthouse

Introduction to Penthouse Features and Amenities

  • The price of these apartments is higher and more expensive compared to other units in any building! In fact, the price of a Tehran penthouse in the Niavaran district is approximately 210 billion rials.
  • These units typically have a large area and space. The area starts from 200 square meters and can go up to 1800 square meters in large and luxurious buildings.
  • Since these units are located on the top floor of each apartment and structure, they offer beautiful and excellent views of the city and the surrounding environment to their residents.
  • The recreational facilities and interior designs of penthouses are different from other units in any building and have more luxurious and beautiful designs. Some of these amenities include: a private rooftop garden, a dedicated elevator, a rooftop sauna and swimming pool, state-of-the-art cooling and heating systems, advanced fire suppression systems, a fitness center, and more.
  • Large and spacious terraces are often built in these units.
  • In some towers and residential apartments, these units are designed and built as duplex apartments.
  • Because these units are typically located in good urban locations, they have easy and convenient access to all recreational facilities such as restaurants, shopping centers, and more.
The facilities and features of a Penthouse.

Advantages of Living in a Penthouse

Undoubtedly, living in these elegant and unique units has its advantages. One of the most significant advantages is having high security and privacy. For this reason, living in them has become a favorite choice of special individuals and artists like Mehran Modiri and others. Some other advantages of these types of units include:

  1. High security and privacy preservation
  2. Modern and advanced lifestyle
  3. Access to the latest recreational facilities
  4. Beautiful and breathtaking city views
  5. Located in the best and most prestigious urban locations
  6. Distance from urban congestion and providing peace for residents
  7. Absence of common street noise due to being located at the top of tall buildings
  8. Good natural light due to the presence of tall and wide windows
The advantages of living in a Penthouse

Disadvantages of Living in a Penthouse

Despite all the mentioned advantages of Penthouses, living in these apartment units also comes with some disadvantages. Some of the drawbacks of these residential units include:

  1. High cost of these units
  2. Since the residents of these units often lead a separate life from other residents in the building, it may become slightly isolating and challenging in the long run for individuals who desire social interactions and connections.
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The disadvantages of living in a Penthouse

Who Owns Penthouses?

As mentioned, these units offer high security and privacy, which is why they have attracted the attention of artists and famous individuals. Additionally, due to their luxurious and upscale nature, these units are favored among the wealthy elite of society.

Who owns Penthouses

Summary of Penthouses

In this Newvie article, we have endeavored to provide you with comprehensive information about Penthouses. It is worth mentioning that one of the famous international cities where property investment (especially in Penthouses) has gained significant popularity is Dubai. If you wish to acquire more information about it, feel free to contact our consultants through the available contact methods on the website on a daily basis.

We all know that the highest apartment unit in a high-rise building is called a penthouse. By reading this article, we have talked about the different lifestyles in these unique units.

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