Is life better in Oman or Dubai?

Is life better in Oman or Dubai?
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Aug . 16 . 2023

Oman or UAE? Nowadays, the two countries of Oman and the UAE in the Middle East, due to their proximity to Iran and the advancements they have made in areas such as welfare, economy, employment, and other domains, have led many Iranians to be encouraged to migrate and live in Dubai and Muscat. However, the challenge that exists is that it's often difficult to make a definite choice between these two countries, and the question that commonly arises is whether living in Oman is better or Dubai?

If you are also among the individuals who are stuck between choosing an option between the UAE and Oman, be sure to accompany us in this NewWay article. Since this is a decision that holds a significant impact on your destiny, we, in this article, assist you in making a reasonable decision by examining the conditions in Oman and the UAE, so that you can make an informed choice.

Oman or UAE? Which One Offers Better Living Conditions?

The financial, economic, social, educational, and other advantages present in Oman and the UAE have led many individuals to be inclined towards migrating to these countries. Perhaps some people's perception is that Oman is still a desert and remote country in the Middle East. However, this perception is completely wrong!

Oman, with an area almost three times that of the Isfahan province and a small population, is recognized as one of the best countries in the Gulf region for living. Thanks to its high annual income, Oman has become a popular destination for immigrants.

The United Arab Emirates is also one of the most famous Arab countries in the Gulf region, known for its stability and high growth in the economy, trade, and more. It has become a major destination for tourists and immigrants worldwide. Dubai, the economic hub of the UAE, is renowned for its expensive hotels, top-notch entertainment centers, sky-piercing towers, distinctive and mesmerizing urban architecture, and more.

In the following article, a list of differences between the UAE and Oman is provided to make the decision about whether "life in Oman is better or Dubai" easier for you.

عمان یا امارات؟ کدام یک شرایط بهتری برای زندگی دارند؟

1- Economic Differences Between Oman and the UAE

Despite the small size of the UAE (ranked 114th in the world), the country has positioned itself as the 31st largest economy globally. It is also recognized as the second-largest economy in the Middle East after Saudi Arabia. While one of the UAE's most significant financial resources is based on the oil industry, the development of the tourism sector and construction industry has attracted substantial investment to the region.

Similar to all the countries bordering the Persian Gulf, Oman is rich in oil and gas resources. Interestingly, Oman sells over 1 million barrels of oil daily. Due to this fact, Oman has been able to improve its infrastructure in its famous cities like Muscat, among others. In recent years, Oman has made efforts to reduce its economic reliance on oil by enhancing its tourism industry. However, it has not yet reached the level of fame and popularity that the UAE has achieved.

Work and employment conditions are factors that help us make a better decision regarding whether life in Oman is better or in the UAE. Currently, Oman's employment situation faces a shortage of skilled workforce. Due to this reason, the country has opened its doors to skilled and talented individuals.

The United Arab Emirates has also been considered a second home for Iranians since the past, with statistics showing that about 17% of Dubai's resident population are Iranians. Favorable working conditions, no need to pay taxes, good behavior of Emiratis towards Iranians, high wages for work, and more are just a few factors that have led Iranians to have such a strong inclination towards migrating and continuing their lives in this country. The article "Residency in Dubai through Property Purchase" provides a detailed explanation of this subject.

One of the factors that helps us decide between living in Dubai or Oman is considering the cost of living in each. The United Arab Emirates is one of the countries with high living costs; however, the income level of individuals in this country is such that anyone living there can have a comfortable and worry-free life.

Costs of living in Oman are also high for Iranian immigrants, similar to the situation in the UAE. In general, the cost of living for each individual in any country depends on personal preferences, income level, work conditions, and more.

Oman is one of the countries located near the equator, which is why it has a hot and humid climate. Similarly, the United Arab Emirates, like other countries along the Persian Gulf, has a hot and desert climate. The average temperature in the UAE during the summer season reaches 35 to 40 degrees Celsius.

This temperature ranges from 25 to 30 degrees Celsius in the spring and from 0 to 20 degrees Celsius in the winter. Generally, Oman and the UAE have similar climatic conditions in terms of weather.

زندگی در عمان بهتر است یا دبی

5- Differences Between the UAE and Oman in Terms of Living Conditions

When considering continuing life in a foreign country, examining living conditions becomes one of the fundamental aspects influencing our decision-making process regarding the choice of the destination country. Therefore, in order to make an informed decision between Oman and Dubai, we need to have sufficient information about the living conditions in each of these places.

Due to its location on the shores of the Persian Gulf, Oman is abundant in oil and gas resources, making it a wealthy country. The taxes paid in Oman are low, and the cost of living in this country is economical considering the salaries earned. The customs and traditions of the Omani people are quite similar to those of the southern regions of our country.

The United Arab Emirates is one of the wealthy countries of the Persian Gulf region that has a very bright future ahead. Some of the advantages of living in this country include high standards of education, low crime rates, a strong economy, high purchasing power, good healthcare facilities, advanced transportation systems, and affordable rents, among others. In general, life in the UAE offers better conditions for Iranians compared to life in Oman.

Examining Life Challenges in Oman and the UAE

Understanding the challenges of living in Oman and the UAE, as elaborated below, helps us provide a better response to the question of whether life is better in Oman or Dubai.

High Annual Rent Payments

One of the challenges faced by some immigrants living in Oman and the UAE is the significant annual rental payments. As a result, some immigrants may encounter limitations in this aspect.

Hot and Humid Climate in Both Countries

One of the drawbacks that living in Oman and the UAE might entail is the hot and humid climate during the hot seasons. Therefore, individuals with weather sensitivities may find it challenging to live in these two countries during the hot months. Fortunately, the presence of cooling systems in the UAE helps alleviate this issue to some extent.

High Traffic Accidents Rate in Oman

One of the issues undoubtedly faced in Oman is the increase in road and street accidents. In this country, the statistics of traffic offenses are higher compared to other Gulf countries, and these accidents often come with high costs.

High Education Costs in Oman and the UAE

Previously, in the article Dubai Study Expenses, the educational conditions in the UAE have been thoroughly explained. However, generally, the conditions for pursuing education in the UAE are better compared to Oman.

Choosing the Best Arab Country to Live Between UAE and Oman

Both the UAE and Oman are known as tourist-friendly countries. Both of these nations offer a variety of recreational and welfare facilities. Generally, the UAE is considered to be more advanced and well-known compared to Oman. The people of the UAE also tend to have better relations with Iranians (compared to Oman's relations with Iranians).

On the other hand, the cost of living in Muscat is lower compared to Dubai. Dubai has more vistas and recreational facilities, making Oman a relatively newer country in this aspect. Whether life is better in Oman or Dubai entirely depends on your preferences and circumstances.

زندگی در مسقط بهتر است یا دبی

Summary: Life in Oman or UAE?

In this article, we examined the differences and conditions of Oman and the UAE to address the question of whether life is better in Oman or Dubai. We hope that the topics discussed in this article have helped you make a more informed decision. If you have any questions or comments on this matter, we would be delighted to see them noted in the website's comments section.

Emirates or Oman? Today, due to the progress made by two countries, Oman and the UAE, they have become one of the popular destinations for Iranians to migrate. This article from Newway will help you make a good choice by examining the differences between these two countries.

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