Iranian neighborhoods in Dubai

Iranian neighborhoods in Dubai
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Aug . 20 . 2023

Are you familiar with Iranian neighborhoods in Dubai? From ancient times to today, many immigrants from Iran have migrated to the UAE, especially the city of Dubai. Individuals who migrate to the UAE for the purpose of education, work, investment, or even those who travel to this beautiful country for tourism are undoubtedly looking for Iranian neighborhoods for a more comfortable stay.

When a significant number of people from a particular country migrate to a specific region or country, their gathering in a particular area becomes more prominent. Purchasing homes in that specific area is commonly referred to as the neighborhood of that nationality in the destination country. Let's make this concept clearer with an example:

For example, a significant number of Iranians have migrated to the United Arab Emirates, and they reside in a specific neighborhood in the city of Dubai. This neighborhood is commonly referred to as the Iranian neighborhood. The estimated number of Iranians residing in the UAE is approximately 500,000 individuals. With the continuous progress of this country and the establishment of suitable employment and educational opportunities, this number is increasing day by day.

In this article from New Way, we intend to familiarize you with Iranian neighborhoods in the UAE so that Iranians who intend to settle in Dubai can easily identify these areas.

Names of Iranian Communities in the UAE

Some cities in the UAE are more welcoming to Iranian immigrants compared to other areas. The higher the number of Iranians in a city, the more naturally there will be Iranian neighborhoods. One of the renowned and well-known cities in the UAE is the beautiful city of Dubai, where many Iranian immigrants have moved for education and work, purchasing homes in those areas. If you thoroughly read the article Pros and Cons of Buying Property in Dubai, you will become well-acquainted with its advantages and disadvantages.

The number of Iranian neighborhoods in Dubai is higher than other cities in the UAE. After Dubai, the cities of Abu Dhabi and Sharjah rank second and third in terms of having Iranian communities. It's worth mentioning that other cities in the UAE also have their significance for education and work, although they might not be as prominent as these three cities.

محله های ایرانی نشین دبی

Introduction to 8 Popular Iranian Neighborhoods in Dubai

The cost and living conditions in the cities of the UAE, and even in various neighborhoods, can vary. However, due to the country's advancements in job opportunities, salaries are sufficient for a comfortable and luxurious life. For this reason, many Iranians migrate to the UAE, and most of them settle in these areas by purchasing homes. A list of the names of these neighborhoods along with their descriptions is provided below.

1- Jumeirah Area: One of the Iranian Neighborhoods in Dubai

The Jumeirah area is one of the most well-known neighborhoods in Dubai and is considered one of the Iranian neighborhoods. This area is highly suitable for Iranians who are looking to purchase or rent luxurious and modern homes. In addition to Iranians, people from various other countries such as China and Europe also reside in this neighborhood.

One of the reasons for the high presence of Iranian Muslims in the Jumeirah neighborhood is the existence of a mosque with the same name in this area. It's worth noting that the cost of living in this area is higher compared to other regions in the UAE!

2- Deira: Another Iranian Neighborhood in Dubai

Among other Iranian neighborhoods in Dubai, we can mention the Deira area. Iranians who intend to settle in the beautiful city of Dubai find Deira a suitable option for renting or buying property due to its easy access to commercial, recreational centers, and more.

3- Dubai Marina: Another Iranian Neighborhood in Dubai

Dubai Marina is another Iranian neighborhood in Dubai where many Iranians reside. Dubai Marina is a developed area in Dubai known for its access to recreational and leisure facilities, making it a suitable location for investment and living. If you would like to gather more information in this regard, you can refer to the informative and comprehensive article on Buying Property in Dubai Marina available on the website.

4- Downtown Dubai: An Iranian Neighborhood in Dubai

Downtown Dubai is considered one of the most luxurious Iranian neighborhoods in Dubai. Typically, the wealthiest Iranians residing in the Emirates live in this area. You might wonder why the houses in Downtown Dubai are more expensive compared to other areas in Dubai. The answer lies in the exclusive features and amenities this area offers, making it a prime location for high-end living and investment.

It should be noted that the presence of iconic buildings and skyscrapers in Dubai's Downtown area, such as Burj Khalifa (the tallest tower in the world) and Dubai Mall (the largest shopping center in Dubai), is one of the reasons behind the high property prices in this area. Iranians who seek a luxurious and opulent lifestyle in Dubai find this neighborhood a suitable choice for their preferences.

5- Palm Jumeirah: An Iranian Neighborhood in Dubai

Palm Jumeirah is another luxury and upscale area for Iranians living in Dubai. The presence of hotels, shopping centers, apartments, and villas facing the sea is among the reasons that encourage affluent Iranians to choose this neighborhood for their residence. The article Luxury Homes in Dubai provides you with more information and insights in this regard.

منطقه ایرانی نشین پالم جمیرا دبی

6- Emirates Hills: A Luxurious Iranian Neighborhood in Dubai

Emirates Hills is another high-end neighborhood for Iranians in Dubai. The million-dollar villas in this area are favored by affluent Iranians who intend to live in upscale Iranian neighborhoods in Dubai. If you're interested in living in Dubai's villas, the article Buying a Villa in Dubai provides valuable information for you.

7- Mirdif: An Iranian Neighborhood in Dubai

Mirdif is one of the Iranian neighborhoods in Dubai that features houses at reasonable prices. The presence of recreational and welfare facilities, along with a significant number of affordable homes, has led to a large number of immigrants from South Asia, including Iran, choosing to live in this area.

8- Bastakiya: An Iranian Neighborhood in Dubai

Bastakiya is one of the renowned historical areas in Dubai, where many Iranians also reside. This historical area had perhaps been somewhat forgotten as Dubai progressed towards modernization. Fortunately, it has now been revived and turned into one of Dubai's popular tourist destinations. Iranians have constructed numerous houses with authentic Iranian architectural styles in Bastakiya, which has transformed it into an Iranian neighborhood.

محله ایرانی نشین بستکیه دبی

How do people in Dubai treat Iranians?

Now that you're familiar with the Iranian neighborhoods in Dubai, let's talk about how people in Dubai treat Iranians. Generally, people in Dubai have a good and appropriate attitude towards Iranians. It's important to note that around 80% of the population of the UAE consists of migrants from various countries. Therefore, the country is known for being an immigrant-friendly area with diverse cultures.

The people of the UAE are hospitable and kind to tourists and immigrants, as long as the immigrants adhere to the laws and regulations of the country.

Summary of Iranian Neighborhoods in Dubai

One of the advantages of living in these neighborhoods is that individuals who do not speak Arabic can have a more comfortable life in these areas. Additionally, the sense of homesickness that often accompanies migration to other countries is reduced when living among fellow countrymen.

In this New Way article, we introduced what you needed to know about Iranian neighborhoods in Dubai. If you're an Iranian living in these neighborhoods, we welcome you to share your thoughts about the characteristics and life in these areas with us and other individuals.

In this article, 8 neighborhoods in Dubai where Iranians prefer to live have been introduced.

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