Introduction to International City Dubai

Introduction to International City Dubai
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Sep . 20 . 2023

International City is the name of one of the developed international communities in Dubai, where people from various countries, including Iranians, reside. Dubai is a city with continuous advancements, aiming to attract investors from all around the world. Therefore, there is a constant effort to initiate new projects with diverse facilities. In this article by New Way, we intend to introduce you to the Dubai International City area and discuss buying a house in this region.

Introduction to International City: 10 Countries in One Area

International City is a developed and modern community spanning over 800 hectares. This area has been constructed by Nakheel (one of the best and most renowned construction companies in Dubai). The community is situated in the Al Warsan area, close to the Dubai International Airport. The reason behind naming this area International City is that each section represents different countries such as China, Iran, Greece, Morocco, England, France, Italy, Spain, Russia, and the Emirates.

Although the building units in Dubai International City share the same infrastructure, each building's design features distinct architectural styles representing the different countries. Away from the usual traffic and bustle of Dubai, this community is conveniently positioned with accessibility to all parts of the city. Unlike many areas in Dubai where properties are expensive, homes in this community have reasonable prices and are considered part of Dubai's affordable regions.

Dubai International City

Introduction to Dubai International City Projects

Dubai International City projects feature excellent architecture and designs. This community encompasses 15 districts, with 10 districts inspired by the architectural styles of various countries. The Central District, Lake District, Forbidden City, and Dragon Mart are among the notable sections of this project. There are 485 buildings within the International City, accommodating over 22,000 properties. Additionally, the western part of the area is home to beautiful villas and townhouses.

Approximately 85% of the properties in this region of Dubai have been completed, while the rest are under construction and available for pre-sale.

Buying Property in Dubai International City

As mentioned, there are over 22,000 properties in Dubai International City. Investors can purchase properties according to their preferences and budgets. The apartments and villas within the community each possess unique architectural features, which we will discuss further.


The apartments in Dubai International City are reasonably priced and are famous for their studios and one-bedroom units. However, two and three-bedroom apartments are also available in the Central District. Some apartments in this collection are offered furnished, while others are unfurnished.


The villas in the western part of the International City are positioned. These villas boast distinctive designs and luxurious architecture, equipped with abundant amenities for comfort and recreation. If you intend to buy a home in Dubai International City, the apartments and villas in this area, with reasonable prices and abundant facilities, will be a great choice for you.

Buying Property in Dubai International City

Forbidden City

The Forbidden City (International City) is one of the unique and attractive sections of this area. The distinctive design and facilities of the Forbidden City offer a new experience for residents. This section spans an area of 240,000 square meters and features a parking facility with a capacity for 2,000 vehicles. Facilities in this area include handicraft shops, restaurants, cafes, and exhibitions. The Forbidden City creatively emulates ancient Iranian architecture.

Lake District

The Lake District is considered one of the appealing sections of this community due to its natural beauty and modern recreational facilities. Dubai's lake, one of the largest man-made lakes in the world, is the main highlight of the Lake District. This area boasts reputable shopping centers, stores, restaurants, cafes, and luxurious hotels. Furthermore, it is a prominent tourist destination with parks, picturesque walking paths, and recreational activities like boating.

Dragon Mart

Dragon Mart is a large Chinese shopping center in Dubai International City that offers diverse products such as electronics, clothing, household items, sports equipment, and more. With its reasonably priced goods, Dragon Mart attracts many shoppers. The mart often strives to provide quality products at competitive prices, which has led to attracting customers from all around the world.

Dragon Mart International City

Advantages and Disadvantages of Dubai International City

Comprehensively speaking about the advantages and disadvantages of this area, it must be said that buying property in the advanced and developing city of Dubai, with abundant amenities and convenient job opportunities, constitutes an exceptional investment. Among the disadvantages, it's noteworthy that Dubai doesn't grant permanent residency, but temporary residency can be renewed.

Discussing the advantages of buying property in the International City, it's worth mentioning the cultural diversity present in this area. Individuals can purchase property in sections designed specifically for their own countries and enjoy a peaceful life. Another advantage is the affordability of property prices and rentals in this city. If you're looking for the cheapest rent in Dubai, you can consider this region.

One of the downsides of this area is its proximity to sewage and wastewater treatment plants; however, it's important to note that installing sewage pumping stations has addressed the issue of unpleasant odors.

Final Words on Dubai International City

In this article, we've provided comprehensive information about Dubai's International City, or International City for short. If you're considering living or investing in Dubai, this area can be a suitable choice. Undoubtedly, life in Dubai offers an unparalleled experience for those seeking luxury and prosperity. To purchase property in this beautiful city, you can visit the website of New Way Dubai and consult with experts in this field.

Dubai International City is the name of one of the towns in Dubai, which is known as a symbol of the life of different cultures of the world together.

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