Dubai towers

Dubai towers
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Aug . 10 . 2023

Dubai is one of the most famous and largest cities in the United Arab Emirates. Today, with remarkable advancements in architecture and the construction of tall and beautiful towers, the city has become a symbol of constructing impressive structures worldwide. The Dubai Towers attract a large number of migrants and tourists every year.

The use of architectural elements with different geometric shapes, height, and more are the main characteristics of Dubai's towers. It's interesting to note that several famous towers in the world, such as Burj Khalifa and Burj Al Arab, have been constructed in this city. If you're interested in learning more about these captivating structures in the Emirates, be sure to stay with us until the end of this article at New Way. In this article, we want to share with you everything we know about Dubai's towers.

Introduction to Dubai Towers

In this section, we want to introduce the most famous towers in the Emirates and provide you with comprehensive and intriguing information about each of them. These towers are among the main attractions of Dubai and are considered must-visit landmarks.

1- Burj Khalifa: The Tallest Tower in Dubai with a Guinness World Record!

Burj Khalifa, standing at 828 meters, is recognized as the tallest tower in the world! Construction of this tower began in 2004, and it was opened to the public in 2010. The height of this skyscraper has been designed in a way that residents of its upper floors become neighbors to the clouds! This famous skyscraper is built using the neo-futurism architectural style.

The primary architect of the tallest tower in Dubai, Burj Khalifa, is Adrian Smith, one of the renowned American architects. The magnificent architecture of this building was executed by one of the largest architecture firms in the US, known as Skidmore, Owings & Merrill. Burj Khalifa has 163 floors and features an exterior façade adorned with 24,000 pieces of glass. Its floors comprise residential units, office spaces, a pool, restaurants, suites, parking, a library, the Armani Hotel, and more.

Within floors 1 to 39 of Burj Khalifa, one of Dubai's most famous 5-star hotels called the Armani Hotel is located. Due to its placement within Burj Khalifa, the Armani Hotel is more expensive than other 5-star hotels in Dubai. The hotel offers 160 rooms and its architecture was designed by the renowned Italian designer Giorgio Armani.

Another interesting point you might find intriguing is the reason behind naming this tower Burj Khalifa. Initially, it was named Burj Dubai, but policymakers decided to change it to Burj Khalifa in honor of Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

Outside the Burj Khalifa, there is a beautiful fountain located on an area of 11 hectares. This fountain is one of the most famous fountains among Dubai's towers.

Burj Khalifa

2- The Dubai World Tower: One of the Most Famous Under-Construction Towers in Dubai

One of the most famous under-construction towers in Dubai is the Dubai World Tower, which symbolizes the Tower of the World. Construction of this structure began in 2006 and was officially halted in 2009 due to financial crises. With a height of 510 meters and 108 floors, if opened and completed, this tower would become one of the architectural marvels in the world. Interestingly, the tallest floors of this building are designed in the shape of a flower.

Burj Al Alam

3- Marina 101 Tower Dubai: The Second Tallest Tower in Dubai

The Marina 101 Tower, with a height of 425 meters, is one of the towers in Dubai known as the second tallest tower built in the city. Construction of the Marina 101 Tower began in 2007 and was completed in 2018. One of the main attractions of Marina 101 is the construction of a 45-meter crown on top of it.

As its name suggests, this tower has 101 floors. Floors 1 to 33 house a 5-star hotel called Hard Rock with 281 rooms. Floors 34 to 100 contain residential apartments, and on the top floor (Floor 101), there is a club, restaurant, and a shop. This skyscraper, located in the luxurious Dubai Marina area, offers amenities such as duplex penthouses, restaurants, glass elevators, a parking area with a capacity of 665 cars, recreational spaces, a fitness club, and more.

Marina Tower

4- Princess Tower Dubai: One of the Architectural Marvels of Dubai Towers

The Princess Tower, also known as Al Amira Tower, is considered one of the architectural marvels among the famous towers in the world. This tower stands at a height of 414 meters and is located in the Dubai Marina area. Similar to the Dubai Spine Tower, the Princess Tower is listed among the tallest towers in Dubai and its construction began in 2006, with completion in 2012.

Some of the amenities of the Princess Tower Dubai include restaurants, indoor swimming pools, a fitness club, a children's play area, parking, a shop, and 763 residential units.

Dubai Princess Rice

5- Elite Residence Dubai: A Building with a View of Palm Jumeirah

The Elite Residence, standing at 380 meters, is one of the most beautiful towers in Dubai, situated alongside the Princess Residential Tower in the Dubai Marina neighborhood. This tower reaches a height of 380 meters with a total of 86 floors. The Elite Residence features 703 luxurious residential units, including one to four-bedroom units and penthouses.

Some of the amenities of this architectural masterpiece include luxurious swimming pools, a parking facility with a capacity of 788 cars, a fitness center, and the stunning view facing the artificial island of Palm Jumeirah.

Elite Residence Tower Dubai

6- Address Boulevard Dubai: Overlooking the Beautiful Views of the Persian Gulf

The Address Boulevard Hotel, with 72 floors and 196 rooms, is one of the most exclusive towers in Dubai. This building is part of the luxurious Address Hotels group and its construction began in 2012, reaching completion in 2017. The tower offers modern swimming pools, restaurants, a fitness center, proximity to commercial and recreational centers, and more.

Address Boulevard Tower

7- Marina Torch Dubai: One of the Tallest Towers in Dubai

The Marina Torch Tower, located in the Dubai Marina complex, stands at a height of 366 meters, making it one of the famous towers in the world. The Marina Torch skyscraper boasts 79 floors with 682 residential units. Residing in this tower comes with advantages such as easy access to the waterfront area, fitness center, spa, and more.

Mashael Marina Tower

8- The Dubai Diamond Tower: Tallest Tower in Dubai Before Burj Khalifa

The Dubai Diamond Tower is one of the tallest towers in the UAE, located in the middle of the Jumeirah area. Interestingly, with a height of 360 meters and 68 floors, this tower held the title of the tallest tower in Dubai before the construction of Burj Khalifa. Today, it is recognized as the tallest office building in Dubai.

The construction of The Dubai Diamond Tower began in 2005 and was completed in 2009. Some of the amenities of this tower include waterfront promenade, swimming pool, sauna, fitness facilities, and more.

Diamond Tower Dubai

9- Gevora Dubai Tower: Tallest Hotel in the World According to Guinness

One of the names on the list of Dubai's towers is the modern 75-floor Gevora Hotel, with a height of 356 meters. This beautiful 4-star hotel is located along Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai and holds the title of the world's tallest hotel according to the Guinness World Records. The Gevora Hotel was built by the real estate developer Emaar after 12 years of construction and was inaugurated on March 8, 2018.

Some of the facilities at Gevora (Gevora) Tower Dubai include a restaurant, swimming pool, cafe, fitness center and spa, parking, easy access to shopping centers, metro station, and more.

Bugatti Tower

10- Bugatti Dubai Tower: A Stylish Building in Dubai

Bugatti is one of the most famous towers under construction in Dubai, built in collaboration between the real estate developer Bin Ghatti and the luxury and powerful car company Bugatti. What sets this tower apart and makes it so unique is that Bugatti Dubai Tower, with 42 floors and 171 units, is designed in a way that penthouse owners can bring their cars into their units using two dedicated elevators!

As of now, information about its completion date and pricing is not available; however, it is expected that the prices for the units, especially the penthouses, will be astronomical. As the name suggests, this skyscraper is designed for owners of Bugatti cars.

Bugatti Tower

11- Jacob & Co. Tower Dubai (Bin Ghatti Tower)

This beautiful skyscraper is one of the towers in Dubai that is a joint project of Bin Ghatti and Jacob & Co. The design of this unique tower is inspired by the famous watches of the Jacob & Co. brand. The most iconic part of the tower's design is the elegant and intricate crown that showcases itself atop Jacob & Co.

Some of the features of Jacob & Co. Tower include having two or three-bedroom units, luxurious penthouses, an exclusive fitness center, spacious swimming pools, and more.

Jacob & Co Tower

Comprehensive Table of UAE Towers Information

Below is a table providing a series of useful and general information regarding the year of construction, height, number of floors, usage, and more.

Tower Name Height Number of Floors Year of Construction Opening Year Status Usage
Burj Khalifa 828 meters 163 2004 2010 Completed Commercial, Residential, Leisure
Burj Al Alam 510 meters 108 2006 2009 NotCompleted Office, hotel, restaurant, retail
Marina 101 425 meters 101 2007 2018 Completed Residential, Commercial, Leisure
Princess Tower 414 meters 101 2006 2012 Completed Commercial, Residential, Leisure
23 Marina 393 meters 88 2006 2012 Completed Residential Complex
Elite Residence 380 meters 86 2006 2012 Completed Residential Complex
The Address Boulevard 368 meters 73 2012 2017 Completed Residential, Hotel, Retail
Marina Torch 366 meters 79 2005 2007 Completed Residential, Commercial
Diamond Tower 360 meters 68 2005 2009 Completed Residential

Today, Dubai towers are known as the most impressive and beautiful towers in the world! These towers have a creative design and the best facilities are used in their construction.

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