Dubai Hills Estate + list of real estate projects

Dubai Hills Estate + list of real estate projects
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Aug . 27 . 2023

Dubai Hills Estate is a newly built project in the heart of the city of Dubai. This modern and luxurious residential-commercial-recreational development presents a vision of modern and luxury living before your eyes. The Dubai Hills area boasts many luxurious apartments, townhouses, and villas, with its residents often being well-known and wealthy individuals. The exceptional amenities of this newly established township have provided a convenient location for individuals looking to purchase property in Dubai.

The design and construction of this project have been carried out by Emaar Properties Dubai, one of the well-known and renowned companies in Dubai. In the following article, we intend to familiarize you more with the Dubai Hills area and the projects developed in this region by New Way.

Introduction to Dubai Hills Estate

Dubai Hills, with an area of 11 million square meters, is a suitable neighborhood for families. This township is located on Emirates Road and Al Khail Street in Dubai. As mentioned, with its excellent facilities and unique design, this area is a suitable option for investment and buying a home in Dubai. Speaking of its excellent location, we must note that this township is in the heart of Dubai and is close to numerous commercial and recreational venues.

The distance from this township to the city center by car is 15 minutes, and currently, due to its new establishment, it does not have a metro line. However, a metro station will soon be launched in this area as well. Dubai Hills Estate offers a wide range of recreational and welfare facilities, including hotels, parks, pedestrian paths, sports facilities, a shopping center, and a golf course, which we will discuss further below.

Dubai Hills Mall, one of the centers in Dubai Hills Estate

Dubai Hills Mall, covering an area of 280,000 square meters, is considered one of the largest malls in the world, housing 650 stores with various brands. In addition to the shops, this mall features restaurants, cafes, cinemas, and recreational facilities. Therefore, besides shopping, you can enjoy watching a movie or having a meal in this location.

UAE hills

Cafes and Restaurants in Dubai Hills

There are numerous cafes and restaurants in this township, most of which are located within the shopping center. Due to the fact that people from various parts of the world with different cultures reside in this neighborhood, there is a high culinary diversity in the cafes and restaurants of Hills. More than 50 restaurants and fast-food outlets offer Turkish, Italian, Indian, Greek, and other cuisines in this township. This diversity is one of the reasons for the popularity of buying apartments in Dubai Hills Estate.

Golf Course in the Heart of Dubai Hills

A golf course spanning 120 hectares with 18 holes is located right in the heart of Dubai Hills, surrounded by buildings. This golf club features lush green surroundings with recreational amenities, allowing residents to spend pleasant leisure moments in their area.

Other Facilities in Dubai Hills

Emaar, the developer of this exceptional project, has taken all aspects into consideration, offering a flawless project with all the necessary welfare and recreational facilities. In addition to the mentioned shopping center, golf club, restaurants, and cafes, Emirates Hills area offers other facilities such as sports stadiums, cinemas equipped with the latest technology, a play area for children, swimming pools, trampolines, and a train. Esteemed educational centers are also situated in this township. There are plans to establish a hospital in this area soon, ensuring that residents have easy access to medical facilities.

Buying Property in Dubai Hills Estate

Due to all the aforementioned factors, buying a home in Dubai Hills Estate has become increasingly popular. The diversity of properties, the ability to purchase at various price points, and more contribute to the appeal of this area. As previously mentioned, this township is equipped with all the necessary recreational and welfare amenities and provides a suitable environment for living. The development of this area is ongoing, with new facilities being added soon.

Buying a property in Dubai Hills Estate

List of Emirates Hills Projects

In Emirates Hills, there are numerous residential and recreational projects, and here we want to introduce some of them:

  • Alveera
  • Park Hills
  • Park Ridge
  • Park Point
  • Maple
  • Golf Place Villas
  • Greenview Villas
  • Elie Saab Villas
  • Sidra Villas
  • Park Heights
  • Pinnacle Tower

The mentioned projects include villas, residential buildings, and recreational parks present in this area.

Summary of Dubai Hills Estate

Dubai Hills is a suitable place for investment and living in the city of Dubai. The abundance of welfare and recreational facilities in the area and its proximity to the city center have made this township a suitable choice for individuals who seek a peaceful yet luxurious lifestyle.

In this article, we tried to share everything we knew about this newly established area in Dubai with our dear readers. If you also have information about this place, feel free to share your knowledge with us through the communication channels on the New Way website.

One of the newly built and modern residential projects in Dubai is called Dubai Hills Estate. Due to the very good facilities in this town, this area has become a good place to live and invest.

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