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Today, Dubai has etched its name in the minds of people worldwide as a city adorned with mesmerizing buildings and unique towering skyscrapers. The United Arab Emirates has managed to attract a considerable number of foreign investors, particularly in the real estate sector, especially when it comes to buying a home in Dubai. In general, there are various options available for residence and investment in this city, including villas, apartments, and more. For those who favor living in a luxurious and opulent place, buying a penthouse in Dubai is an excellent choice.

You might find it interesting to know that Dubai, with its tall and breathtaking skyscrapers, has managed to secure the third position in the list of the tallest skyscrapers globally, after Hong Kong and New York. For this reason, living in these units holds a prestigious status among luxury enthusiasts. In this comprehensive article, NewWay has examined all aspects, conditions, prices, and important recommendations related to buying the best penthouses in Dubai.

Introduction to Penthouses in Dubai

A penthouse refers to a unit located at the highest part of a tower or a tall structure. This term, borrowed from the English language, translates to خانه نقاش in Persian, which means Painter's house. The reason behind this name is that in the past, painters and artists who couldn't afford regular homes used to live in rooms under the roof, and over time, these houses became known as خانه نقاش or painter's houses.

As time passed, the affluent class of society developed an interest in living in these units, and today, the most expensive penthouses in Dubai have become the preferred choice of wealthy individuals. In recent decades, the city's authorities have transformed their dry desert region into a modern metropolis, and real estate transactions such as buying a villa in Dubai have gained immense popularity. Nowadays, with enhanced amenities, chic and luxurious designs, and residents' comfort in mind, buying a penthouse in Dubai has gained significant popularity.

Introduction to Penthouses in Dubai

Facilities of Dubai Penthouses

Living in a penthouse is highly suitable for individuals who prefer residence in a tranquil place away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Unlike regular apartment units, these residences are free from street noise. Some special features of Luxury Dubai Penthouses include: panoramic city views, temperature control, smart mobile-based cooling, heating, and access, fire suppression system, and more. Detailed information about these facilities is provided below.

Luxury Homes in Dubai

1- Panoramic and City-Wide Views

Buying a penthouse in Dubai gives you the opportunity to enjoy panoramic or city-wide views of the beautiful cityscape. With this view, you'll have a broader perspective of the entire city compared to regular units. These stunning views are clearly visible through the penthouse's terrace, balcony, and large windows.

2- Exclusive Terrace and Rooftop Garden

Most Luxury homes in Dubai come with spacious terraces and private outdoor areas. These spaces are typically ideal for leisure time, hosting gatherings, and outdoor activities. As mentioned earlier, a penthouse refers to the topmost floor of an apartment or a tall structure. If you're interested in learning more about other units in the building, you can refer to the comprehensive article on buying an apartment in Dubai on our website.

A view of a famous penthouse in Dubai

3- Swimming Pools and State-of-the-Art Fitness Centers

Many penthouses in the Emirates feature private swimming pools, fitness centers equipped with the latest equipment, steam and dry saunas, jacuzzis, and other recreational and fitness amenities. The fitness centers in these units are typically equipped with state-of-the-art lighting and ventilation systems. Other amenities in these fitness centers may include a massage room, billiards room, Turkish bath, and more.

4- Stylish Interior Design

The interior decoration of each section of these units is designed and equipped using the highest quality and most modern methods in the world. The use of high-quality materials such as marble and stone, high ceilings, stunning lighting systems, and beautiful decorations in these units has made living in them a truly luxurious experience for the residents.

5- High Security for Dubai Penthouse Residents

These units are usually located in the best areas of the city and have very high security. For example, most Dubai Marina penthouses have private parking for residents, which enhances security. To further enhance the security of these units and increase the protection of residents, advanced security systems such as CCTV cameras and 24-hour surveillance are used.

The most expensive penthouse in Dubai

6- Offering the Best Recreational Services in Dubai Penthouses

In most Emirates penthouses, the best recreational services such as restaurants, shops, supermarkets, beauty salons, and more are provided for residents. These amenities are a unique feature of this type of unit.

7- Excellent Location

These units are typically located in the best areas of the city. Among the most luxurious ones is Dubai Marina penthouses. This area is one of the most popular and upscale neighborhoods in the city, which is why buying property in Dubai Marina is highly sought after among luxury enthusiasts. The advantages of a good urban location include quick and easy access to facilities such as restaurants, shops, cinemas, shopping centers, banks, and other city amenities.

8- Proximity to Commercial Centers

Dubai, as a leading global business hub, hosts many international companies and organizations every year. Residing in these units, which are usually located near these centers, is considered a significant advantage for business owners and entrepreneurs.

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Buying a Penthouse in Dubai

Investing in Dubai with the Purchase of a Penthouse

According to news in the real estate sector in the United Arab Emirates, real estate transactions, including buying a penthouse in Dubai, have economically achieved a record-breaking milestone in the year 2022. In fact, these transactions have seen a remarkable 76.5% increase compared to the previous year, reaching a total value of 143.86 billion US dollars (528 billion dirhams).

For the first time in the history of the United Arab Emirates, the value of real estate transactions has surpassed the 500 billion dirhams mark. This has attracted a substantial number of foreign investors, making investment in Dubai highly popular. This significant growth comes just one year after the end of the COVID-19 pandemic and indicates the upward trajectory of Dubai's real estate industry in the years ahead.

According to real estate experts, this growth surge has led to an increased demand for buying penthouses in Dubai. From apartments to urban homes and villas, it is predicted that the demand for property purchases in 2023 will exceed pre-pandemic levels.

Foreign Investors' Interest in Dubai Real Estate

Several factors have turned Dubai into a favored investment destination, including ease of doing business, access to global airlines with the largest Middle Eastern carrier, high living standards, economic prosperity, strategic geographical location, and favorable investment policies in the UAE, such as the no-income-tax law. UAE officials have designed their laws and regulations to facilitate foreign investors' entry into the Dubai property market.

Foreign Investors in Dubai Real Estate

Penthouse Prices in Dubai

In general, the price of buying a penthouse in Dubai depends on various factors such as the location of each unit, amenities, square footage, the number of rooms, and more. Prices can range from 4 million dirhams to over 50 million dirhams, depending on the mentioned factors. For example, penthouse prices in the Burj Khalifa and Dubai Marina penthouses, which have unique locations and better amenities, tend to have higher prices.

If we compare the prices of Dubai penthouses to other international cities, it should be noted that the prices of these units are lower when compared to many major and commercial cities around the world.

Summary of Buying a Penthouse in Dubai

The upward trend in the real estate market in this city reflects the dynamic and robust economy of the United Arab Emirates. Economists predict that due to increasing demand, property prices in the future will rise. Therefore, now is a suitable time to consider buying a penthouse in Dubai.

Statistics also show that investing in the real estate sector in the UAE has many attractions for foreign investors! This is because the preferred choice of people worldwide for living is a city with high security, well-being, and no common taxes!

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Buy Penthouse in Dubai

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