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Samana Developer

Samana Developer Real Estate Company

Samana Developer Real Estate Company is one of the leading international companies in the field of property development and construction in the United Arab Emirates. Samana Emirates Construction Company, with over 20 years of experience in this industry, is recognized as one of the most reputable and trusted real estate development companies in Dubai and the Middle East.

Samana Dubai Company, over the past years, through undertaking large and diverse projects in the Emirates, has managed to attract the satisfaction of its customers and attain a special position in the industry with property purchases in Dubai. Timely delivery of ongoing projects, cost-effective property prices, and customer satisfaction with buying property in Dubai are the main features of the Samana Dubai Group.

Features Details
Starting Price AED 525,000
CEO of Samana Company Imran Farooq
Number of Projects 14 Successful Projects
Popular Projects Samana Views, Samana Greens, Samana Hills, Samana Golf Avenue
Samana Developer Company - Samana Projects

Introduction to Samana Construction Company in Dubai

Samana Dubai Company, one of the most renowned construction companies in the United Arab Emirates, has its headquarters located in the Dubai Business Bay area. Some of the key factors contributing to the success of this company include the presence of specialized engineers and experts in the field of architecture and construction, avoidance of project delays, and more.

The professional and experienced team of Samana Emirates Group handles all executed projects with meticulous planning from the design phase to implementation. Samana Emirates Company, due to its utilization of advanced equipment and technologies, delivers high-quality projects, ensuring that individuals residing in the buildings constructed by this company have a pleasant and delightful experience.

Imran Farooq - CEO of Samana Emirates Company

Samana Building Holdings

The scope of Samana's activities isn't limited solely to property development in Dubai! In fact, Samana is a developed and large-scale holding company that operates in various fields such as architectural and building design in the United Arab Emirates. The primary focus of Samana Developer Company lies in the construction and development of commercial, residential, hotel, shopping center, hospital, and other types of buildings.

CEO of Samana Emirates Company

Mr. Imran Farooq is the CEO of Samana Housing Construction Company in the Emirates. With his experience and knowledge in this industry, he has played a strategic role in the successes of this company. Imran Farooq not only serves as the executive leader of the company but also engages with other departments, customers, and shareholders. According to Mr. Imran Farooq, the primary mission of Samana Developer Company is to incorporate innovative and creative elements for better quality and increased appeal of the company's buildings. As a result, the company provides distinctive services to its customers.


Business Bay - Dubai

The latest project

Samana Golf Views


More than 5 awards


Imran Farooq

Projects of Samana Developer Company

Samana Developer Group, with a focus on quality, precision, customer satisfaction, and more, is recognized as one of the best construction companies in Dubai.

Skyscape Towers Apartment Project by Samana Dubai

The Skyscape Towers apartment project is one of the most renowned ongoing projects of Samana Housing Developer Company in Dubai. This residential project, spanning 17 floors, offers various luxurious unit types: one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and penthouses. Living in this building constructed by Samana Dubai is ideal for individuals seeking a tranquil and pleasant environment.

Some key features of this project include: unique design and construction, a well-located position with close access to educational and healthcare centers, recreational facilities such as dedicated children's play area, sauna, rooftop walking area, advanced indoor gym, and more.

Samana Skyros Project - Samana Developer Company Emirates
Samana Greens Project - Samana Developer Company Emirates

Samana California Apartments Project by Samana Dubai

Samana California is another project constructed by Samana Building Company, set to be completed in the year 2025 AD. Samana California is located in the Al Furjan area of Dubai. The advantages of the Al Furjan area include easy access to public transportation systems and suitable infrastructure. This residential building, consisting of 11 floors, offers 1 and 2-bedroom apartments.

Some of the amenities of this project include private pools, captivating and alluring architecture, maximizing interior space in design, outdoor seating areas, and more. Living in this Samana project is recommended for individuals seeking tranquility and the enjoyment of their leisure time.

Samana Golf Views

An amalgamation of high-end luxury and golfing grandeur, SAMANA Golf Views makes for your dream home, overlooking the green oasis. It welcomes you home to a tranquil living with the golf vistas adding a touch of opulence.Located in the coveted Dubai Sports City, this exclusive development transcends ordinary living. It lets you immerse yourself in the epitome of refinement. Its golf-inspired living, impeccable craftsmanship, and unrivalled amenities capture the essence of vibrant elegance.

Samana Golf Views Project - Samana Developer Company Emirates
Samana Golf Views Project - Samana Developer Company Emirates

IVY Gardens

IVY Gardens by SAMANA Developers is a unique project that combines the best of city living with the tranquillity and beauty of nature. It is an exclusive community designed for those who appreciate the finer things in life and are looking for a sanctuary to call home. Located in Dubai Land, IVY Gardens is designed to provide you with the ultimate in comfort, convenience, and sustainability.

Samana Greens Project

The first project of the company, named Samana Greens, was built in September 2018 in the Arjan area. The construction period of this project, which took 8 months, marked the advancement of Samana Emirates Company.

Following the progress of the Samana Greens project, in March 2019, the second significant project of the company named Samana Hills was launched. This project also became renowned in the construction industry and contributed to the remarkable progress of Samana Emirates Company. The completion of this project was achieved in June 2022.

Samana Greens Project - Samana Developer Company Emirates

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Samana Developer

IVY Gardens Apartment at Dubai Land Residence Complex by Samana for sale
IVY Gardens
2nd Quarter 2026

IVY Gardens Apartment at Dubai Land Residence Complex by Samana for sale

From AED 522,000 From 380 sq.ft

IVY Gardens Apartment - Dubai Land Residence Complex - Dubai - UAE

Samana California by Samana developers in Al Furjan for sale
Samana California
Completion: 2025

Samana California by Samana developers in Al Furjan for sale

From AED 1,863,000 From 1286 sq.ft

Samana California - Al Furjan - Dubai - UAE

Samana Golf Views at Dubai Sports City by Samana for sale
Golf Views
Q3 2026

Samana Golf Views at Dubai Sports City by Samana for sale

From AED 765,000 From 406 sq.ft

Samana Golf Views - Dubai Sports City - Dubai - UAE


Samana Gulf Avenue at Dubai Studio City by Samana Developer for sale

From AED 416,000 From 352 sq.ft

Samana Gulf Avenue - Dubai Studio City - Dubai - UAE


Samana Miami 2 Apartments at Jumeirah Village Triangle by Samana for sale

From AED 560,000 From 490 sq.ft

Samana Miami 2 - Jumeirah Village Triangle - Dubai - UAE


Samana Miami apartments at Jumeirah Village Circle for sale

From AED 991,000 From 750 sq.ft

Samana Miami apartments - Jumeirah Village Circle - Dubai - UAE

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