Sweid & Sweid is an experienced private real estate developer in Dubai.
If you are looking for a reliable developer with a brilliant work history, Sweid & Sweid Company with more than 16 years of experience in building premium properties in Dubai and delivering more than 2.25 million square feet of residential and commercial properties can be the ideal choice for you.

Sweid & Sweid is a company that operates in different countries and has invested more than 600 million dollars for its global projects.
The company is led under the leadership of two intelligent and resourceful presidents, MAHER SWEID, the founder and one of the partners of SWEID, MOHANNAD SWEID, the president of this company and one of the top domestic contracting companies and one of the top industry leaders in the world.

By setting the highest global standards for its real estate projects, flawless design and creation of asset and capital value for investors are the strengths of this company.
You can be assured of a safe and profitable investment in Sweid & Sweid because this company is strict and careful in all the steps, from land selection to analyzing macroeconomic trends and managing supply and demand dynamics.

This continuous monitoring allows them to identify the challenges in any field early and make necessary adjustments and actions whenever and wherever necessary.

The high level of responsibility, the delivery of the best international properties around the world and the progress in the global real estate markets have earned Sweid & Sweid company numerous awards.

Sweid & Sweid creates beauty.

For this company, customer satisfaction and good feeling is a priority, so every project they make is presented with the utmost elegance and quality.
In this section, we introduce the popular projects of Sweid & Sweid in Dubai.

  • The Edge

The Edge

A luxury commercial building located in the heart of Dubai Internet City was built in 2016 and houses the offices of many important companies including Oracle, Snapchat (Most popular among social media), and American education publisher McGraw Hill.

  • Banyan Tree Residences

Banyan Tree Residences

It is a collection of 235 luxury apartments located in Jumeirah Lakes Towers, and these residences with avant-garde design, advanced facilities and magnificent views overlooking two golf courses and the Dubai skyline inspire comfort, sophistication and a sophisticated atmosphere.
These luxury apartments in 2020 with an area of 600,000 sq.ft. BUA was created and presented.

  • Visa Cemea Headquarters

Visa Cemea Headquarters

The project was a commercial building launched in 2021 with an area of 200,000 sq.ft BUA in Dubai Internet City, which is the state-of-the-art headquarters for Visa's CEMEA operations serving 100 countries worldwide.

Sweid & Sweid projects under construction:


  • 6 FALAK is a multi-use commercial complex in Dubai Internet City.
  • Double Creek Apartments is a residential complex in Austin, Texas.
  • WaterFord 183 is a residential complex in Austin, Texas.

If you want to buy and invest in the projects of this prestigious and famous company, contact us and benefit from the support and guidance of Newway's professional team.