Safe Developments is a new and innovative real estate development company.

Safe Developers is a company founded by Silgo Group and is working hard not only to build properties but also to build your dream home.

This company has launched its first famous and very beautiful project, Gardenia Living apartments in Arjan, Dubai, and it was ready to be delivered by the end of 2024.

The Gardenia Living

The company initially started as a building maintenance company in the UAE in the 1980s and over time has made significant progress in the UAE and India. The company's other activities include manufacturing, trading, project design consulting, value engineering and turnkey solutions for projects under construction across India and the UAE.

Safe Developers cooperates with many large companies in the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council in the industrial, residential, commercial, hospitality, etc. sectors.

The Gardenia Living project with an area of ​​55,810 square feet, which has 156 apartments, has been launched with a capital of 150 million dirhams and will include 90 one-bedroom units and 66 two-bedroom units. This project is a special project for safe group, which is a subset of Silgo group.

The Gardenia Living

This 6-storey project is a luxurious place in a green, lively and luxurious environment in Arjan. The three-way view of a beautiful public park, the possibility of using all the facilities of the property for the owners, a relaxing environment and high security has made this project one of the most valuable projects under construction. (Click on this link to see photos and other features of this project)

The team at Safe Developers has experience with knowing what their customers want and aim to deliver at the best price and the highest quality.

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