Nshama Property Developer is a real estate developer and promoter of an ideal and prosperous lifestyle operating in Dubai, and Nshama's head office is located in Al Qudra, Dubai.

Nshama Company is a leading real estate company that was launched in 2014 by Fred Durie and has gained a good reputation in a short period of time.

Why invest in Nshama?

Nshama developer company is unique in that it gives special importance and value to its customers. This company is a leading real estate developer presenting sustainable world-class communities that combine bright with the sophisticated.

Nshama, with a long experience and well-known experts in the fields of design, architecture, construction and even consulting from all over the world, seeks to create modern, integrated, environmentally friendly, technology-based and flexible environments.

Nshama's professional team seeks to build lovely and beautiful buildings with comprehensive architectural design, infrastructure and optimized facilities that will become a relaxing and safe place for families.

What are the characteristics of Nshama properties?

All the projects built by this company are environmentally friendly and have the least environmental risks. Also, they are made of the highest quality and most durable materials and devices and are very impressive with unique designs and modern and luxurious arrangements.

Houses that are built with harmony and inspiration from the green and vibrant nature and provide everything needed for a truly rich and enjoyable life.

One of the tops and most exquisite projects offered by Nshama is Town Square Dubai. This project is one of the main and symbolic residential areas of Dubai and includes more than 3,000 townhouses and 18,000 apartments with the most complete and advanced amenities and services.

Town Square Dubai

Town Square Dubai with an area of about 31 million square feet is expected to be ready for operation and delivery by 2024. This huge residential complex is surrounded by several million square feet of gardens, parks and scenic areas.

Town Square Dubai

Town Square Dubai

It also has large areas of dense green space, a large number of paths for running and cycling, 16 beautiful local gardens and many recreational and welfare facilities. With the growing popularity of this landmark and unique project in the city of Dubai, the company has positioned itself at the forefront of residential real estate growth in the UAE, providing buyers with an exceptional and lucrative investment opportunity.

Other popular Nshama projects in Town Square residential complex:

  • Rawda


There are a series of 3–4-bedroom townhouses located in Town Square. These modern and stylish residences have become one of the most unique projects in Nshama.

  • Warda


This residential tower, which is located in Town Square, consists of furnished and equipped units with 1 to 3 bedrooms, which are very suitable and ideal for the whole family. They also have many amenities such as swimming pools, children's playgrounds, etc. In addition, it is located in a very desirable location, which is adjacent to Emirates Road and is located at a relatively short distance to Al Maktoum Airport.

Other Nshama projects such as:
  • Zahra Townhouses
  • Zahra Breeze Apartments
  • Nshama's Hayat Boulevard
  • Jenna Apartments
  • UNA Apartments
  • SAMA Townhouses
  • Naseem Townhouses
  • Safi Townhouses
  • Parkside Apartments

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