Damac Properties

DAMAC Properties is a known property developer in the middle-east since 2002 and has delivered 39400 homes with high-quality up to now. Since 2015 it has been listed publicly on the Dubai Financial Market. The projects of Damac include commercial, residential and leisure projects and there are 28000 projects in progress right now.

Damac properties enjoys 20 years of a position of trust and it is now recognized in international markets in different countries like Jordan, Qatar, Iran, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, the United Kingdom and the UAE of course.

In December 2013 Damac was the first property developer in the Middle East which entered the London Stock Exchange (LSE) through a global depository receipts programme, which raised US$379 million in the form of an IPO. Following an offer to exchange its outstanding Global Depository Receipts (listed on the LSE) for Ordinary Shares (listed on the DFM), DAMAC began trading in Dubai on 12 January 2015. The GDRs were subsequently de-listed in March 2015

Some famous projects of Damac: