MAG group

MAG Real Estate Company is a multinational company that was founded in 1978 by Mr. Moafaq Ahmed Al Gaddah of Dubai. In addition to real estate and real estate, MAG company operates in other fields such as contracting and engineering, industrial trade and commerce, freight services and hospitality.

Al Habtoor Group

Al Habtoor Company is a famous and reliable international brand that was established in 1970 by Mr. Khalaf Ahmad Al Habtoor in the UAE. Today, Al Habtoor company operates in different fields such as: hospitality, automotive, car rental, real estate, education and publishing.

2020 Holdings

2020 Holdings is a reputable and well-known real estate developer in Dubai. Aiming to create a unique lifestyle and unique properties, this company is the leader in the region. The headquarters of this company is also located in Arjan. Their main focus is customer satisfaction and constant service and creating pleasant properties that cover all tastes.


IGO (Invest Group Overseas) is a leading real estate investment and development company founded in 2004 by Mr. Moafaq Al Gaddah was founded in Dubai. This company has been able to establish a good reputation for itself by offering a wide range of real estate properties as well as an extraordinary ability to discover and identify business opportunities in developed and emerging markets and invest in them.


Ellington Real Estate and Investment Company is one of the leading real estate companies currently in the UAE, which was established in 2014. Headed by Robert D Booth, former head of Emaar's real estate division, the company brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in developing cutting-edge projects to the market. The headquarters of this company is located in Business Bay, Dubai.

Majid Al Futtaim Developer

Majid Al Futtaim company and brand was established in Deira in 1992 by Mr. Majid Al Futtaim and has expanded its activities in the fields of shopping centers, communities, retail and entertainment places throughout the Middle East, Africa and Asia. From the very beginning, Majid Al-Fatim continuously provided new standards for innovation, excellence and quality.

AHAD Group

Ahad Group is one of the real estate companies established in Dubai. Since the establishment of this company, it has been able to be a leader by providing various products and comprehensive services to customers. Ahad Group is an experienced and quality real estate developer that has changed the skyline of Dubai through unique and innovative properties.

wasl properties

Wasl Real Estate was established in UAE in 2008 and started its operations in several regions including Dubai. The headquarters of this company is also located in Dubai. wasl Real Estate services include property rental, facility management in the rental and freehold markets, and client and tenant relationship management services.

Elite Development

Real Estate Triplanet Range Group (Elite) is a well-known company with more than 10 years of experience related to the construction of residential properties throughout the UAE and the world. Elite headquarters is located in Dubai, UAE.

Sunrise Real Estate

Sunrise Transcon Real Estate Development LLC started its activity in 2016. The headquarters of this company is also located in Dubai. Sunrise Company, with its experienced and professional team, providing services and international standards to customers and creating suitable investment opportunities, was able to travel the path of progress and development quickly.

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