2020 Holdings is a reputable and well-known real estate developer in Dubai. Aiming to create a unique lifestyle and unique properties, this company is the leader in the region. The headquarters of this company is also located in Arjan.

Their main focus is customer satisfaction and constant service and creating pleasant properties that cover all tastes.

The company is led by people with extensive expertise and they do their best to meet and exceed everyone's expectations.

Creating a new standard for luxury living in the Dubai real estate scene, strengthening an ideal standard of living and building a reputation as the most reliable real estate developers in Dubai are the goals and visions of 2020 Holdings.

The most famous projects of this company in Arjan:

Marquis Signature

If you want to live in an apartment that has a modern and contemporary style, this collection can be the best option for you. This 9-storey apartment with 1-to 3-bedroom units provides you with easy and quick access to all welfare, medical, shopping, sports and other places and is located in a very convenient and high security area.

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  • 2020 Marquis Apartments

2020 Marquis Apartments

These incredible apartments are located in one of the most popular areas of Dubai, Arjan in Land Dubai, a community rich in entertainment and cultural attractions.

2020 Marquis Apartments gives you a feeling of comfort, durability and quality with its stylish and luxurious style.

These 1-and 2-bedroom houses, filled with a set of world-class amenities, are amazing buildings that are suitable for any family. It also provides property owners with facilities ranging from large swimming pools and children's playgrounds to multi-purpose halls and a very accurate security and monitoring system.

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