Azizi Developments

Azizi Developments
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Jun . 08 . 2023

Azizi Developments was founded in 2007 by Mirwais Azizi in Dubai. Azizi By adopting an active, transparent and construction-based approach, Azizi is committed to meeting and exceeding expectations, providing value for money and ensuring customer orientation and has a diverse local and international customer base, including investors and end users (Occupation owners) that includes more than 100 nationalities.

Azizi Developments, a private company, was founded in 2007 by Mirwais Azizi in Dubai.

Mirwais Azizi, born in 1962, is an Afghan businessman living in Dubai. He was born in a family of Azizi Pashtuns of Laghman, Afghanistan, who are from a clan of the larger Khasghi tribe. He left Afghanistan for Dubai at the age of 26. After one year, he started his activity in the fields of banking, hotel, investment and real estate by establishing Azizi companies.

In the early years of his work, he was faced with financial crises and difficult conditions, but he was able to overcome all the problems with proper planning and promotion, and now he has been able to place the name of his companies among the best.

In 2006, he founded Azizi Bank, which is today the largest commercial bank in Afghanistan. He also bought Bakhtar Bank or the present Islamic Bank of Afghanistan, which is a bank with an upward and very fast growth. Mirwais Azizi, who controls more than 60% of Afghanistan's oil products and other assets, is known as the richest man in Afghanistan, which was confirmed by the Asia Sentinel report in 2010. His oil activities are now present in more than 10 countries, which is known as Azizi Hotek.

Among the companies owned by Mirwais Azizi, the following can be mentioned:

  • Azizi Bank
  • Bakhtar Bank
  • Azizi Developments
  • Azizi Foundation
  • Azizi Investments
  • Azizi Hospitality
  • Azizi Hotak General Trading Group

The name of Azizi Development is a name that has a high reputation not only in the field of real estate, but also in the field of commerce, hospitality and retail. Azizi has always provided the best in the field of real estate, and they have tried to deliver their properties to their customers in the best locations, in a warm and friendly environment, with complete facilities and easy access, and they have been very successful in this.

Azizi Developments has provided some of the most admired and highly sought-after luxury yet affordable properties for sale in Dubai such as apartments, villas, and townhouses for sale in Dubai. They operate in all the most fashionable and famous areas of Dubai such as: Downtown Dubai,  Jumeirah, Dubai Marina area, Sheikh Zayed Road and Business Bay.

Azizi Development has received various awards for its unique projects: Best Developer at the Design Middle East Awards, Developer of the Year at the Construction Innovation Awards and several other awards.

Among its successful and well-known projects, Riviera is one of the unique developments located in the square in the heart of Mohammed Bin Rashid City in Dubai. Riviera has a favorable address in a great location, near the Maidan Racecourse, the venue of the Dubai World Cup and all kinds of sports and entertainment facilities, and is located near the city center of Dubai and the Dubai International Airport. Inspired by the French Riviera, this iconic mixed-use community offers residential apartments, retail shops and a variety of on-site amenities.

Other projects:

  • Park Avenue Apartments Azizi
  • Berton Apartments Al Furjan
  • Azizi Star Apartments Al Furjan
  • Azizi Plaza Apartments Al Furjan
  • Azizi Mina Apartments Palm Jumeirah
  • Azizi Gardens Apartments (MBR City)
  • Azizi Fawad Residence Apartments Al Jaddaf
  • Azizi Aura Apartments Downtown Jebel Ali
  • Shaista Azizi Apartments Al Furjan
  • Azizi Aliyah Residence Apartments Al Jaddaf
  • Farishta Azizi Apartments Al Furjan
  • Roy Mediterranean Apartments Al Furjan
  • Royal Bay Apartments Palm Jumeirah
  • Azizi Mina Apartments Palm Jumeirah
  • Samia Azizi Apartments Al Furjan
  • Montrell Apartments Al Furjan
  • Candace Acacia Apartments Al Furjan
  • Farhad Azizi Residence (Creek Views) Al Jaddaf
  • Creek Views 2 Apartments Al Jaddaf

effort, adherence to providing the best quality, the highest level of luxury and comfort, customer orientation, sincere honesty and endless new and unique ideas are among the characteristics of Azizi Developers, which has tried to maintain these principles in all the years of its activity.

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